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The most 'bad ass' part of the trip
by Rattle at 7:36 pm EDT, Jul 15, 2003

I'm about to enter into Texas.

Nothing to report.. Really, nothing. Not a god damned thing. I'm bored as hell.

Just for kicks, here is a list of essids spotted between Nashville and here:

flyingj 00:0C:30:E9:07:B4 No
flyingj 00:0C:85:A9:DD:42 No
flyingj 00:0C:85:A9:DC:78 No
Willisblock 00:06:25:98:92:02 Yes
ElRenoWB 00:40:96:52:D5:A8 Yes
ElRenoWB 00:40:96:28:E0:C9 Yes
pi07490509x 00:A0:F8:57:D6:78 Yes
pi07490509x 00:A0:F8:A6:C0:11 Yes
flyingj 00:40:96:47:DF:75 No
flyingj 00:40:96:47:E2:A8 No
DirectCom 00:90:0E:00:45:52 No
Oklahoma 00:40:96:26:32:F4 No
pi07490509x 00:A0:F8:57:E1:08 Yes
pi07490509x 00:A0:F8:57:D7:59 Yes
fordav 00:0C:30:6C:21:10 No
fordav 00:40:96:59:CE:CC No
202 00:40:96:55:F0:22 Yes
404 00:40:96:54:29:C5 Yes
DAAOKC 00:09:B7:7E:F0:96 Yes
DAAOKC 00:40:96:55:B1:B1 Yes
DAAOKC 00:40:96:56:DE:B4 Yes
DAAOKC 00:40:96:54:D8:0F Yes
daaokc 00:40:96:55:80:12 Yes
DAAOKC 00:40:96:5D:FA:25 Yes
linksys 00:04:5A:D2:47:85 No
afa160 00:40:96:25:79:DB No
tsunami 00:40:96:52:D3:A0 No
tsunami 00:40:96:55:90:B0 No
Wireless 00:09:5B:39:46:90 No
OnALotWirelessOkemah 00:40:96:57:D2:9B Yes
OnALotWirelessOkemah 00:40:96:2A:4E:91 Yes
OML_WLAN 00:02:2D:75:44:25 No
TWIinHouse 00:60:B3:16:A2:46 No
NEVBCITY59 00:60:B3:16:C5:FE No
(null) 00:E0:63:82:69:08 No
(null) 00:E0:63:50:16:CB No
1401 00:40:96:56:75:0E No
1401 00:40:96:56:9A:DE No
4 00:40:96:51:CE:E2 No
4 00:40:96:52:EF:68 No
pi07490509x 00:A0:F8:A5:4B:D1 Yes
pi07490509x 00:A0:F8:A5:47:68 Yes
(null) 00:02:2D:90:0A:C6 Yes
SST-PR-1 82:02:4E:02:15:01 Yes
Benton 00:02:6F:04:08:97 No
Benton 00:02:6F:03:FD:9D No
Benton 00:02:6F:03:FD:A0 No
Benton 00:02:6F:03:FD:9E No
iaai*little*rock 00:0C:30:F1:5A:6E No
BBT1 00:40:96:44:26:B2 No
(null) 00:02:2D:4A:54:03 No
(null) 00:02:2D:2D:CA:76 No
(null) 00:02:2D:8D:6F:33 No
Heartland 00:06:25:55:79:F0 No
LehiEB 00:40:96:26:58:53 No
LehiEB 00:40:96:26:2C:F7 No
LehiEB 00:40:96:25:87:E4 No
TMI1 00:06:25:6D:BD:DF No
flyingj 00:40:96:58:5D:11 No
flyingj 00:40:96:58:49:39 No
flyingj 00:40:96:58:65:BB No
tsunami 00:0C:85:51:24:DC No
Ad hoc unknown
overton 00:40:96:34:22:9A No
ssid1 00:40:96:54:53:7D Yes
footbridge 00:06:25:86:6A:1D No
4 00:40:96:37:42:B3 No
4 00:40:96:48:59:97 No
afa490 00:40:96:52:D6:1F No
tsuwireless 00:0B:BE:A9:DF:F0 No
linksys 00:06:25:56:76:5F No
tsunami 00:30:AB:1B:95:F6 Yes
linksys 00:06:25:71:96:31 No
tsunami 00:30:AB:0B:25:56 Yes
wireless 00:90:4B:31:29:1E No
tsunami 00:30:AB:22:A4:7B Yes
GoldenTree 00:06:25:24:D7:79 No
bodyshop 00:40:96:25:8D:08 No
bodyshop 00:40:96:26:4A:48 No
usedcars 00:40:96:36:C8:6D No
usedcars 00:40:96:31:4F:E3 No
allmedia airport Apple
softaudit 00:80:C8:1B:40:39 Yes
PASSYM 00:02:2D:17:B3:EB No
PASSYM 00:02:2D:17:B3:D9 No
SWDEMO 00:40:96:45:83:A7 No
vu2k2 02:06:61:73:DC:5E No
ptg5farog 00:06:25:E8:26:8F No
Apple Network Managed
linksys 00:06:25:59:AC:38 No
FIDO@BUTLER.NET 00:02:2D:2C:08:26 No
nwslink 00:06:25:67:39:3C No
gcddlink 00:80:C8:AC:E6:A6 Yes
default 00:80:C8:AB:F2:C6 No
linksys 00:06:25:53:8A:A5 Yes
2WIRE629 00:02:2D:8B:75:13 Yes

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