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The Giant Crack and Trippy Desert
by Rattle at 10:41 pm EDT, Jul 16, 2003

Currently somewhere in western Arizona, about a hundred miles away from Vegas. Today I took a cruise through the Petrified Forest National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park. Very cool..

Here are some more ESSIDs I spotted:

flyingj 00:0B:FD:B8:10:9C No
flyingj 00:0B:FD:C8:B0:F7 No
flyingj 00:0B:FD:B8:10:85 No
PapillonNet 00:40:05:CC:84:A2 No
linksys 00:04:5A:FD:12:E3 No
Office 00:04:5A:EE:CD:4F No
airpath 00:03:DE:27:04:73 No
tsunami 00:40:96:58:0A:7F Yes
tsunami 00:40:96:57:0B:BF Yes
global wireless Agere-Lucent
WILDCATS 00:02:2D:8D:11:BF No
global wireless Agere-Lucent
Sanders 00:40:96:26:32:7A No
Sanders 00:40:96:26:38:32 No
Navajo-HS 00:02:2D:3A:8A:8E Yes
BW 00:50:F2:C4:F2:D8 Yes
Navajo-HS 00:02:2D:3A:45:C5 Yes
gallup 00:40:96:25:9E:3B No
gallup 00:40:96:25:73:3B No
Omni1 00:60:B3:1F:C0:E9 No
JAYNES-LAGUNA 00:40:96:54:C4:B8 Yes
JAYNES-LAGUNA 00:40:96:5B:A4:C4 Yes
flyingj 00:40:96:40:51:10 No
flyingj 00:40:96:40:50:B5 No


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