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by Rattle at 12:03 am EDT, Jul 20, 2003

LA to SF:

linksys 00:04:5A:F5:8C:FD No
Beach 00:04:5A:EE:DE:F1 No
linksys 00:06:25:89:49:2F No 00:30:AB:0B:24:56 No
linksys 00:06:25:B6:10:E1 No
NETGEAR 00:09:5B:4D:6C:26 No
Front Computer 02:00:33:C6:AD:E7 No
burundi 00:09:5B:3E:3E:86 No
Home 00:50:F2:CA:7D:44 Yes
2WIRE563 00:02:2D:89:BB:60 Yes
gianttcr0 00:06:25:97:F8:32 No
ANY 00:60:B3:6F:7F:88 No
linksys 00:06:25:59:C5:58 Yes
Denise's Airport 00:03:93:ED:6E:C7 Yes
linksys 00:06:25:B4:0D:87 No
Ali's Appt. Wireless Network 00:09:5B:24:7D:CA No
CASAMARINA 00:02:A5:2D:67:EB No
Apple Network 054fc1 00:30:65:05:4F:C1 No
linksys 00:04:5A:2E:18:D9 No
edwardii 00:06:25:55:8E:6E Yes
Wireless 00:09:5B:11:73:40 No
Mercury Interactive 00:02:2D:30:4E:43 No
default 00:40:05:C3:1E:C3 No
linksys 00:04:5A:FA:23:A7 No
linksys 00:06:25:B3:FC:C9 No
dbw 00:02:6F:01:C9:B9 No
garnetcaptive 00:04:5A:EE:58:3D Yes
metrosportsf 00:80:C8:B0:6A:6E Yes
Kingman 00:80:C8:0B:89:30 Yes
linksys 00:06:25:6D:C4:89 No
laurel 00:06:25:9A:B9:C2 No
linksys 00:06:25:B9:5B:AA No
westie14 00:06:25:B6:35:D3 No
kps95 00:40:96:34:F2:14 No
jeff1j 00:06:25:B9:69:79 No
linksys 00:06:25:62:FF:78 No
LANPARTY 00:04:5A:DD:4A:23 Yes
linksys 00:06:25:DF:44:0D No
WGIPS 00:90:4B:08:1D:6D Yes
Wireless 00:09:5B:27:37:6E No
2WIRE661 00:02:2D:8D:30:D0 Yes
firehorse 00:03:93:ED:F9:65 Yes
wireless 00:90:4B:32:AA:3E No
default 00:40:05:CA:B2:6E No
tmobile 00:40:96:56:4B:05 No
linksys 00:06:25:7D:84:9B No
San Fran 00:30:65:0A:02:60 No
SurfandSip 00:90:4B:21:42:AE No
linksys 00:06:... [ Read More (2.9k in body) ]

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