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Hybrid Semiconductor
by lclough at 7:57 am EDT, Jul 31, 2003

These folks use the term "CMOL" to refer to a hybrid between
CMOS and MOLecular-scale fabrication.

] The CMOL concept combines the advantages of nanoscale
] components, such as the reliability of CMOS circuits and
] the minuscule footprints of molecular devices, and the
] advantages of patterning techniques, which include the
] flexibility of traditional photolithography and the
] potentially low cost of nanoimprinting and chemically
] directed self-assembly. This combination may enable CMOL
] circuits of unparalleled density ... at acceptable
} fabrication costs

] Such success would pave the way for more ambitious goals.
] It is plausible that a cerebral-cortex-scale
] CrossNet-based system -- one with ~10^10 neurons and
] 10^15 synapses that would require a ~30 × 30 cm2 silicon
] substrate--would be able, after initial training by a
] dedicated external tutor, to learn directly from its
] interaction with its environment. In this case, we can
] speak of a "self-evolving" system.

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