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Get There - Grisly scene snarls Connecticut
by Neoteric at 11:56 am EDT, May 8, 2010
Raw video: SUV hits scooter in Dupont Circle

ORIGINAL POST: Connecticut Ave NW just south of Dupont Circle is the site of a major police and rescue operation after a woman riding a small motorbike was hit by an SUV, leaving a gruesome scene at the crowded intersection and what one witness described as "lots of blood."

Northbound Connecticut Avenue is closed between 18th Street, near its intersection with M St, and the circle; southbound traffic is able to crawl through.

"It was a horror scene. A motorbike was cut in half. We were there literally moments after," said Timothy Ball, who came across the scene with his girlfriend, Honey Smith.

"It looked like the motorcycle was headed north, the SUV had made a hard left and came to an abrupt stop. The front of the SUV was compressed, with a huge gash in the windshield where the motorcyclist's head would have gone through," said Smith, who said the bike was resting entirely underneath the truck.

walking back from the shrink going to the tabard inn honey's flip camera caught a some footage of the aftermath of an accident.


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