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Welcome To Your Very Own Everything And More Store
by noteworthy at 6:35 am EDT, May 18, 2010

Michael Lopp:

We're in a world where you can find anything you want, which is great, except when you realize there's a lot of everything.

Randall Munroe:

What if I want something more?

Merlin Mann:

Everything ... and "More?"

Thomas Powers:

Is more what we really need?

An exchange:

Flight Attendant: More anything?
Jerry Seinfeld: More everything!

Caterina Fake:

It's an incredible amount of data.

danah boyd:

Big Data is made of people.

John Brockman:

Many of the people that desperately need to know, don't even know that they don't know.


You can sit back and be force-fed the decisions and opinions of others. Or ... You can have an opinion.


Can't someone else do it?


You don't have the time to have an opinion about everything, but someone has the time.

Louis CK:

Maybe we need some time ...

John Tierney:

When people were asked to anticipate how much extra money and time they would have in the future, they realistically assumed that money would be tight, but they expected free time to magically materialize.


Life is too short to spend 2300 hours a year working on someone else's idea of what the right problems are.

Joe Nocera:

They just want theirs.

Judith Hertog:

I can't help smiling. This is all I've wanted her to acknowledge. She's an imposter, a swindler, just like me.

Benjamin Franklin:

It was about this time I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection.

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