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RIAA Will Issue Second Subpoena For Identity of Music Distributor
by Rattle at 5:34 am EDT, Aug 24, 2003

] This time, the RIAA will file the subpoena the way MIT has
] asked: through the federal district court in Boston, instead
] of Washington, D.C. MIT says it will comply with a subpoena
] issued through the Boston court.

] MIT says it has identified and notified the owner of the
] computer alleged to have been illegally offering the
] recordings, based on logs provided by the Theta Delta Chi
] fraternity, where the computer was located.
] MIT originally suspected a 'young lady' living
] at TDC over the summer as being the computer's
] owner, said an MIT official. But now, based on
] examination of the logs provided by TDC, MIT has decided
] a different individual is the computer's owner.
] MIT officials say they are not sure the owner is actually
] the person who was allegedly infringing the RIAA
] members' copyrights by distributing recordings on
] KaZaA.

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