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Chinese hackers launch “virtual jihad” against South Korea boy band fans | The Observers
by Rattle at 4:24 pm EDT, Jun 11, 2010

Dozens of website and forums that mention South Korean pop music have been hacked by Chinese web users. Why? Because of a stampede outside a Korean boy band's gig in Shanghai, which hackers say made a fool out of China.

The gig took place in the South Korea pavilion at the Shanghai Expo on 30 May. The band, "Super Junior", attracted thousands of fans, who queued for hours to get one of the 5,000 promised tickets.

For reasons unknown, only 2,000 people were allowed in. So outraged were the thousands of devoted supporters left outside the pavilion, that they began a massive protest, allegedly trying to stampede a human police barrier and clawing at officers.

Chinese web users - in particular World of Warcraft players - took to the net to express their outrage over the "braindead" behaviour of the fans, known as K-fans. After much condemnation, it was decided that the forums and websites of pop bands and fans should be hacked. The plan, or self described "jihad", came into action on Wednesday evening, and within an hour, it was reported that "all forums liked by Korean pop fans have now been blasted".

Some 24 hours after the offensive, and many of the 40 hacked pages, along with their varying degrees of offensive warnings, Chinese flags and porn, are still in place.

Ok, that's funny. :)

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