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RE: The World of Private Islands


RE: The World of Private Islands
by Abaddon at 4:22 pm EDT, Sep 19, 2003

Elonka wrote:
] ] Very large island jewel in the proximity of Auckland
] ] (Northern Island), off the Great Barrier Island and
] ] near Port Fitzroy. Uniquely accessible due to its own
] ] private airstrip. Excellent virgin, native forest and
] ] wildlife.
] All I want for Christmas -- is my own island. :)
] Just USD 5.2 Million!

WTF??, look at the copyright notice

All photos and listings are copyright Vladi Private Islands and/or our business partners. No images may be downloaded (copied) without prior consent. To do so exposes you to damages and copyright infringement claims.
NOTE: Linking to our pages without permission is prohibited and illegal.

that just said that its illegal to link to their do they expect it to work on the internet?...

RE: The World of Private Islands

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