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Everything is a Remix, Part 1
by possibly noteworthy at 7:49 am EDT, Oct 6, 2010

A film series by Kirby Ferguson.

David Foster Wallace:

After the pioneers always come the crank turners, the little gray people who take the machines others have built and just turn the crank.


All the time you spend tryin to get back what's been took from you there's more goin out the door.

On the Johnny Cash Project:

As people all over the world contribute, the project will continue to evolve and grow, one frame at a time.

William Gibson:

The means of production, reproduction and distribution of recorded music, are today entirely digital, and thus are in the hands of whoever might desire them.

James Lewis, CSIS:

Some argue that strong IPR is no longer important as there are alternatives that will create equal or greater amounts of innovation. The problem with these alternatives is that they tend not to work.

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