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Securing the Future of US Air Transportation
by Jeremy at 10:53 pm EDT, Oct 8, 2003

This NRC publication is a product of the Committee on Aeronautics Research and Technology for Vision 2050.

You can download a free, pre-publication copy of this book in PDF.

From the preface:

In the past few years, the current status and future vision of the US air transportation system have been examined in numerous studies. ... What is needed now is vigorous action to refine and achieve the broadly held future vision of an air transportation system ... Achieving this vision will not be easy.

This committee concluded that US visions and goals consistently overlook several key items:
· a clear set of guiding principles;
· a description of the overall process for developing and achieving a widely endorsed long-term vision for the air transportation system;
· a strategy for overcoming transitional issues;
· consumer satisfaction;
· primacy of the US aeronautics industry.

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