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[IP] The Columbia space shuttle accident report
by Decius at 6:07 pm EDT, Oct 19, 2003

] NASA engineers, using personal contacts, asked the US
] military and intelligence agencies to use their spy satellites
] to look at the shuttle's wing. There were three separate
] attempts to ask for spy photos and each time, NASA
] management found out about these requests and ordered the
] military NOT to look at the shuttle. Managers warned the
] engineers to follow procedures.
] If the NASA engineers had gotten the images, they would have
] seen the hole, the astronauts could have stayed in the space
] station, another shuttle (Atlantis) could be sent up, and the
] astronauts could return on the second shuttle.
] The CAIB report should be read by anyone who works in
] large organizations.
It uncovers the blindness in organizational
] decision making, shows how this occurs, and how this can be
] remedied.

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