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Pig Through The Python
by noteworthy at 7:55 am EDT, Oct 25, 2010

Peter Baker:

It is possible to win the inside game and lose the outside game. In their darkest moments, White House aides wonder aloud whether it is even possible for a modern president to succeed, no matter how many bills he signs. It may be that every modern president is going to be, at best, average.

Stringer Bell:

There are games beyond the game.

Rahm Emanuel:

We have to play the game.

John Carney:

Get ready to hear the phrase "pig through the python" a lot.

Jonathan Blaustein:

Is this food? Just because we can put something in our mouths, does that make it food? At what point do we decide that something isn't food?

Ben McGrath:

The first time Sheila McClear had lunch with Nick Denton, she returned to the office afterward and threw up. She attributed this to food poisoning, but it happened again the second time they had lunch.

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