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Frank Loesser & Lynn Loesser singing 'Baby, It's cold outside'
by Neoteric at 10:57 am EST, Nov 9, 2010

i saw a biography on frank loesser on PBS and am trying to buy a kindle version of his biography by his daughter.

this was a man w/ real talent. wrote many a musicals and plays not to mention fantastic songs... "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was a duet he and his wife wrote together. according to wikipedia the male side is called "the wolf" and the female "the mouse"

i really like this song sung by it's original author. this version of the song reminds me of walking+smoking on a cold autumn night arm-in-arm w/ a gam-endowed gal. we'd both be swigging whiskey straight out the flask and laughing. her coat ruffling and my fedora flapping. meandering walks-&-talks about nothing. the whole night internally keeping tempo by secretly singing swing. the teary-bleary heart-skipping winks when caught, eye-locked.


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