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'I Don't Care', by Frank DeFord
by Jeremy at 12:39 am EST, Nov 27, 2003

Commentator Frank Deford has a grudge against many things, but not Thanksgiving. He just doesn't care about the holiday -- or the Washington Redskins, or bowl games, period.

... "It's like I'm glad I don't care one way or another about the problems of the music industry, whatever they are."

... "I've never cared about the television show 'Friends.' It's a lot like South America to me; I'm afraid I don't care about that, either, even though I know I'm supposed to."

Ha! I am amused by the notion that there are things we're supposed to care about, and even more so by the fact that an entire continent can be one of those things. (Is there an official list somewhere?)

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