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It's Lonely At The Center of the Sheep Trade
by noteworthy at 7:50 am EST, Nov 29, 2010

Michael Shnayerson:

The tiger team was a social gang. To stay in the gang, you had to play the game.

Mary Meeker:

Do humans want everything to be like a game?

Peter Aldhous:

If someone is momentarily flashed the word "ugly", it will take them longer to decide that a picture of a kitten is pleasant than if "beautiful" had been flashed.

Jeremy Peters:

A spokesman for Mr. Biden, Jay Carney, said the vice president was unavailable to be interviewed about his portrayal in The Onion.

Adam Thierer:

The high-tech policy scene within the Beltway has become a cesspool of backstabbing politics, hypocritical policy positions, shameful PR tactics, and bloated lobbying budgets.

Perhaps we shouldn't find it surprising that so many players in the tech policy arena now look to throw each other under the Big Government bus to gain marketplace advantages.

Sarah Palin:

The view is so much better from inside the bus than under it.

Michael Osinski:

Oyster farmers eat lots of oysters, don't they?

T.J. Rodgers:

Washington's money is never free.

Pi Yijun:

Things that you used to not be able to sell, you could sell again.

Jessica Vascellaro:

Last September, Google launched its new ad exchange, which lets advertisers target individual people -- consumers in the market for shoes, for instance -- and buy access to them in real time as they surf the Web .... The further step ... would be for Google to become a clearinghouse for everyone's data, too. That idea ... is still being considered, people familiar with the talks say. That would put Google -- already one of the biggest repositories of consumer data anywhere -- at the center of the trade in other people's data.

Jules Winnfield:

The truth is you're the weak. And I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be a shepherd.

Jim Cortada:

Think about data like a whole bunch of sheep on a hillside -- you gotta get them in. Herders use dogs. Businesses are increasingly using software to get the data herd in.

We are almost at a point now where trying to do an inventory on all this data is almost a superfluous exercise. It's like trying to count all the stars in the sky.

Michiru Hoshino:

Oh! I feel it. I feel the cosmos!

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