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EDITORIAL: Wave goodbye to Internet freedom
by Stefanie at 11:34 am EST, Dec 3, 2010

EDITORIAL: Wave goodbye to Internet freedom
FCC crosses the Rubicon into online regulation

7:02 p.m., Thursday, December 2, 2010

With a straight face, Mr. Genachowski suggested that government red tape will increase the "freedom" of online services that have flourished because bureaucratic busybodies have been blocked from tinkering with the Web. Ordinarily, it would be appropriate at this point to supply an example from the proposed regulations illustrating the problem. Mr. Genachowski's draft document has over 550 footnotes and is stamped "non-public, for internal use only" to ensure nobody outside the agency sees it until the rules are approved in a scheduled Dec. 21 vote. So much for "openness."

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