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Cross-Cultural Dance Resources: Notes from the Field
by Elonka at 4:34 am EST, Dec 9, 2003

] "Notes from the Field" spotlights articles, photos,
] drawings and observations as seen by researchers as they
] travel and work throughout the world

My mother Elsie Ivancich Dunin is a retired Professor of Dance Ethnology from UCLA. She continues to do active research, mostly focused in the area formerly known as Yugoslavia.

This is her "Notes from the Field" page where she posts current research and pictures. She's the #1 expert in her field, and has actually been a groundbreaker in terms of getting some of the stuffy "traditional" academics to move forward into the technological era. My mom was one of the first people to use a computer (I helped her set up an early Macintosh to do it) to digitize dance labanotation. And getting a website up and running to post current research is still considered extremely "bleeding edge" -- many of her peers aren't even comfortable with email yet.

Her research group's web design skills have improved by leaps and bounds over the last couple years, and I'm meme-ing the site now. If you ever know anyone with an interest in Croatian dances or any kind of ethnological research from southeastern Europe, this is a good site to tell them about!

Elonka :)

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