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New York Daily News - Samurai slaying
by kaijuu at 9:59 am EST, Dec 9, 2003

A naked, samurai sword-wielding martial arts expert screaming, "I'm God! I'm immortal" hacked his wife to death yesterday in a blood-soaked Bronx rampage, police said.
When the madman lunged at police, one cop fired 14 shots - bringing down the suspect but also hitting her partner twice. The cop's vest stopped one bullet from hitting his chest, though another slug penetrated his knee.

New York Daily News - Samurai slaying
by k at 11:09 am EST, Dec 9, 2003

Oi, what a horrible way to die... at the hands of a marginally trained swordsman who's just lost his mind.

Incidentally, and I know it's the daily news, and i should expect it, but the sensationalism is really offensive here. I know most people won't know the word samurai has any more depth to it than "martial arts expert", but i hate it when media intentionally reinforce improper connotations.

Unless this guy was involved in some kind of bizarre feudal revival, i don't think he was a samurai, and he certainly doesn't seem to have internalized any sort of ethical code whatsoever.

No, he was a fucking psycho, and if he hadn't used a sword, he'd have grabbed a kitchen knife or a gun. But, you know, the word "samurai" is in the public conciousness right now, so this'll sell more papers to people who want to argue about entertainment's influence on actions, and the dangers of martial arts training.

Who wants to bet this fucktard saw The Last Samurai this weekend...

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