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by Laughing Boy at 11:29 pm EST, Dec 12, 2003

inignoct wrote:
] Sometimes i think Ann Coulter exists only to enrage me. She's
] aleady called me a traitor to my nation, and called for my
] imprisonment and hanging, for no more than bringing up the
] fact that maybe, perhaps, the president of our country wasn't
] completely forthright with us about certain things. Things
] that involve the lives of millions and, as it turns out, the
] deaths of thousands. And then she has the audacity to claim
] that liberals are mindless drones who will vote for whomever
] the democratic party puts forth. *I'm* the one in lockstep?
] Please, Ann, take a look at your own jackboots and check real
] carefully for the 'W' emblazoned on them, you complete tool of
] neoconservatism.
] I won't get into her tearing apart one poor girl whose emotion
] clearly makes her a retard incapable of making important
] choices. We must base our decisions on military pragmatism,
] and anything else makes you no better than a terrorist.
] I'm pretty sure the Democrats aren't the ones comparing Dean
] to McGovern and "wearily predicting a landslide for Bush".
] Once again, Ann makes a blanket statement and provides
] ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT for it. For every democrat or liberal i
] know, a Bush landslide is nothing more than nightmare
] vision... perhaps we're all prescient, and that's the
] prediction she means. Hmph. This is a flat out lie to add to
] her many others.
] And from here, we move onto some really classic Coulter :
] Whenever liberals all start singing from the same hymnal,
] they are up to no good. (Or since we're talking about American
] liberals here, maybe I should say, "when they all start
] reading from the same Quran.")

] There are a few different things going on here, so lets
] analyze each of them. First, she makes the claim that unity
] of voice is evidence of, what, some deep, dark, liberal
] conspiracy? This from the very same woman who believes that
] any disagreement with the current administration is
] treasonous? Once again, Ann, use the mirror. You're
] the one with the Hymnal, though it has no songs of love, joy
] or hope in it. Then, she goes racist. Clearly anyone with a
] Quran is a terrorist and HATES everything american. And
] clearly liberals are all so ANTI AMERICA that we reinforce our
] hatred with the terrorists own training manual the Quran.
] Goddammit Ann, have you ever even seen a Q'ran? No, didn't
] think so. Then shut the fuck up and keep your xenophobia and
] racism to your fucking self.
] Ok, now she attacks Dean, calling him appalling, spineless and
] weak. Well, the first is certainly true for her, considering
] she thinks he's no better than Osama bin Laden, so, no
] surprise there. I won't even get close to fully dealing with
] her hawkish discussion of what does and doesn't constitute
] bravery -- apparently it involves killing someone, or at least
] taking off in a plane.
] Oh, and one of the stand out quotes of the whole piece "the
] North Vietnamese were savage beasts, but they never attacked
] America on its own soil. It's a little different to be
] anti-war now". No, it's not, and it never will be. I accept
] that war is sometimes necessary. I will never accept it
] without legitimate assurances that it is the proper course of
] action. We were lied to. End of story. Congress gave out a
] blank check, to be drawn on american lives, without doing the
] fact checking necessary to justify the not-actually-a-war.
] Afterall, no war was ever declared. Call this a semantic
] argument, but there *is* a difference between a formal war and
] unchecked military actions all across the planet.
] The next few paragraphs seem to whine about how hard it is for
] a Republican to get elected, because there are so many people
] that rely on federal money, and republicans stand for small
] government. Well, Bush has changed all that, so, i'll ignore
] the whole rant.
] Wait, no, i can't ignore it all... to make a statement about
] "incalculable government largesse, such as government
] contracts, corporate welfare, and all the bureaucratic
] quagmires" and then point the finger at social welfare
] programs and not the current president can only mean the
] speaker is completely blind to reality. Seriously just on a
] completely parallel dimension. Yes, it's workmans comp that's
] killing this nation. 'Too bad you lost your hands... get a
] And now we come full circle where Ann lays out the true nature
] of the Democratic party for all to see : "its three major
] planks: abortion, gay marriage and banning the Boy Scouts".
] Oh you've nailed it, just right on the head, Ann. Those are
] the only three issues I care about. You must be fucking
] kidding. Once again, "logic" that can only possible emanate
] from a completely seaparate plane of reality in which callous
] and immature insults become witty insight.
] Maybe Howard Dean is insane -- he believes people still matter
] in this country. He belives that democracy, a system which
] not only allows but explicity ENCOURAGES disagreement and
] dissent, works for the benefit of america. He believes that
] LIES can't justify the death of america's troops and that
] ARROGANT UNILATERALISM is unacceptable behavior in the modern
] world. Yeah, he's a fucking nutcase... and i'm gonna elect
] the crazy fucker. I only hope the RATIONAL and INTELLECTUALLY
] SUPERIOR Ann Coulter can survive in such a crazy place.

Dont forget - Ann also thinks Mr. Witch Hunt Joe McCarthy and his conjoined-at-the-brain twin J. Edgar Hoover were patriots who defended the constitution and the bill of rights. If it wasn't for the fact that she's an attractive Barbie-clone (hell, she even has her OWN action figure! Shit you not -

no one would be paying attention to the mindless republi-CON drivel that is Ann Coulter. Half expecting to see her clad in a nano skirt; turning tricks on the street outside the GOP national convention next year.



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