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a secret hope

Victor Hwang:

There is a natural power at the edges of frontiers. When you go fishing, the best places to drop your line are at the transition points, where light meets dark, shallow meets deep, fast meets slow. The same is true for human life. When you go searching for your fortune in life, look for those transition points. That's the frontier.

Henry Grabar:

The mapping powerhouse Rand McNally started selling maps in order to boost their main business, which was printing tickets for railroads. Maps didn't just fulfill needs; they created them.

Alastair Humphreys:

That was the only hard part, really. Just going. Committing. Making it happen.

Charles Simic:

Even today, a kind of exhilaration comes over me roaming an unfamiliar city, a fear of being lost and a secret hope that I am. In the meantime, how much more alive I feel, how much more readily my eyes notice things and how much better my mind and imagination work.

Raffi Khatchadourian:

The universe is being built in an old two-story building, in the town of Guildford, half an hour by train from London. About a dozen people are working on it. They are scheduled to finish at the end of this year.


Sean Murray stopped at a star cluster and admired its density. Finally, overcoming his hesitancy, he picked a destination. "I can't promise if this is going to be interesting," he said. The map vanished. He was back in his cockpit. His hyperdrive kicked on. Then all of space blurred, and the ship hurtled into the unknown.

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