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a criminally profligate waste of the citizenry's attention span

An exchange:

David Sanger: There's a lot we miss every day. I go to work every day convinced that I've got a handle on fully 3% of what's going on, okay?
Stewart Baker: [laughing] The key is [that] you can persuade us it's the most important 3%.
David Sanger: [laughing] That's right. [laughing] That's right.

Emerson Brooking, on "Ghost Fleet":

Readers are spared the months of frustrated cabinet meetings, angry congressional hearings, and endless hand-wringing within the defense bureaucracy.

Dan Geer, on OPM:

Even talking about whether to fire someone is a criminally profligate waste of the citizenry's attention span.

John Oliver:

No one cares. [Americans] don't give a shit.

The Economist:

When your most important ally is ringing alarm bells it is a good idea to listen.

Wendy Shanker:

There's very little you can say in 10 minutes that you couldn't say better in five.

Kari Paul:

A friend told me a girl he never actually hangs out with frequently sends him 15 minute voice memos talking about what she did that day, decidedly a breach of voice message etiquette. "I've never actually listened to anything she's sent me," he told me.

Anil Dash:

Out of about 550,000 followers on Twitter, it's very common for fewer than 400 of them to click on a link I share.

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