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the false negatives that lurk everywhere


The Administration has not yet developed, as the Board recommended, a methodology for gauging the value of its counterterrorism programs.

Moxie Marlinspike:

Once we've put on the glasses, what do we do? Where are the aliens, and how do we start killing them?

Zeynep Tufekci:

Public officials ... have to weigh two important, related factors that we, too, weigh every day in most of our decisions, when we make decisions about the future, or even to get out of the house in the morning: How to react to the false positives and false negatives that lurk everywhere and what's the distribution of the forecast we are considering?

Marco Rubio:

We also cannot afford to ignore another lesson of 9/11 and curtail intelligence gathering capabilities that have been legally and painstakingly established following those horrific attacks.

Bill Bratton:

They'll be equipped with all the extra heavy protective gear, with the long rifles and machine guns -- unfortunately sometimes necessary in these instances.

Douglasville Deputy Chief Gary E. Sparks:

It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Werner Herzog:

Carry bolt cutters everywhere.

Paul Mozur:

The Chinese government has adopted new regulations requiring companies that sell computer equipment to Chinese banks to turn over secret source code, submit to invasive audits and build so-called back doors into hardware and software, according to a copy of the rules obtained by foreign technology companies that do billions of dollars' worth of business in China.

For most computing and networking equipment, the chart says, source code must be turned over to Chinese officials.

a history of losing contact


The inability to find skilled staff to grow security programs remains one of the key challenges for the industry. By contrast, criminal hacking teams seem to be fully staffed.

Richard Hamming:

What appears to be a fault, often, by a change of viewpoint, turns out to be one of the greatest assets you can have.

Alan Kay:

At PARC we had a slogan: "Point of view is worth 80 IQ points."

Michael D. Shear:

He said that much of the blame belonged to the drone itself, a DJI Phantom, which he said has a history of losing contact with its operator.

Michael Perry, of SZ DJI:

We want to make sure people are being innovative and creative with the technology, but at the same time we want to make sure people are using it responsibly.

Martyn Williams:

The incident highlights what is likely to be a big issue for auto makers in the coming years: identifying and patching software vulnerabilities and securing the technology going into modern cars.

Dan Goodin:

A recently fixed vulnerability in the BlackPhone instant messaging application gave attackers the ability to decrypt messages, steal contacts, and control vital functions of the device, which is marketed as a more secure way to protect communications from government and criminal snoops.

Johannes (Hanno) Bock:

The thing I want to elaborate here is something different about GHOST: It turns out that it has been discovered independently three times.

Ted Unangst:

[With OpenBSD,] there can be latent two year old bugs, but there can't be latent fixed two year bugs.

Taylor Swift has trademarked everything

Ben Thompson:

Apple lost more money to currency fluctuations than Google makes in a quarter. And yet it's Google that is feared, and Apple that is feared for.

Horace Dediu:

In 2014 iOS app developers earned more than Hollywood did from box office in the US.

Binyamin Appelbaum:

Disney estimates that "Frozen" brought in more than $1 billion in retail revenue over the last year. In most years, Disney makes more money from selling branded movie merchandise than from the actual movies.

Kelsey McKinney:

Taylor Swift has trademarked everything from "public appearances" and "clothing" to "ornaments" under the phrase "This Sick Beat" which comes from the first single to her album 1989 "Shake it Off."

For many (not necessarily for Swift), album sales and streaming are no longer ways to make money as a career. One of the dominant income sources for many artists -- whether they're top sellers like Swift or tiny singer-songwriters -- is merchandise sales.

the force will attempt to control the narrative

Marco Rubio:

The U.S. government should implore American technology companies to cooperate with authorities so that we can better track terrorist activity and monitor terrorist communications as we face the increasing challenge of homegrown terrorists radicalized by little more than what they see on the Internet.

Ewen MacAskill:

The British army is creating a special force of Facebook warriors, skilled in psychological operations and use of social media to engage in unconventional warfare in the information age. Against a background of 24-hour news, smartphones and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, the force will attempt to control the narrative.

Ted Cruz:

If you can frame the narrative, you win.

Olivia Snaije:

In the end, said Sjon, "Man is a narrative animal."

Diego Gambetta:

A threat does not now need to manifest itself or even be proven imminent to motivate a war. This approach ... is an intentional way of framing the situation and turning it into a political strategy.

Peter Pomerantsev:

The aim is to confuse rather than convince, to trash the information space so the audience gives up looking for any truth amid the chaos.

Chas Freeman:

It says more about us than about China that we have chosen to treat its rise almost entirely as a military challenge and that we have made countering Chinese power and perpetuating our quasi-imperial, post-1945 dominance of the Western Pacific the organizing principles of our Asia policy.

Robert Lee Hotz:

Using a new analytic formula, they needed only four bits of secondary information -- metadata such as location or timing -- to identify the unique individual purchasing patterns of 90% of the people involved, even when the data were scrubbed of any names, account numbers or other obvious identifiers. The new technique is likely to be of interest to [those] that build and buy extensive data bases ...

Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye:

The old model of anonymity doesn't seem to be the right model when we are talking about large-scale metadata.

Johannes (Hanno) Bock:

In many cases it's far from clear what is a security vulnerability.

Loren Brichter:

Maybe it's the Graybeard engineer in me, but the more I learn, the more terrible I think programming is. I'd love to rip everything up and start over.

Richard Hamming:

You can tell other people all the alibis you want. But to yourself try to be honest.

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