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"The secret of happiness is not to do what you like to do,but to learn to like what you have to do" King George V

*Fuzzies... Vibrator cozies
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:34 pm EST, Apr  3, 2004

hahahahahahaha :)

*Fuzzies... Vibrator cozies

Baby survives eight organ transplants
Topic: Science 9:50 pm EST, Mar 19, 2004

Wow! that's awesome, I hope she does well :)

Baby survives eight organ transplants

Balloon helps doctor reach brain tumor
Topic: Science 11:32 am EST, Mar 14, 2004

Wow this is pretty cool!! If it proves to continue to be successful, it could help a lot of people, previously thought to be untreatable.

Balloon helps doctor reach brain tumor

Police: Fresno Suspect Was a Polygamist
Topic: Current Events 11:23 am EST, Mar 14, 2004

Ummmm who cares if he was a polygamist or not, He Killed 9 people!!!! Don't get me wrong I don't support that lifestyle, but to me killing 9 people spells MURDERER.... sick bastard :(

Police: Fresno Suspect Was a Polygamist

Diana Described As Unhappy in Audio Tapes
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:56 am EST, Mar  6, 2004

Sigh... how sad, can't we just let this poor woman rest in peace? It seems as though she was tortured enough by her husband and his family, so now we have to get back in on it to? Give it a rest, it was a tragic thing , and I truly feel for her two boys and her family, but it's been what 7 years? Let it go.....

Diana Described As Unhappy in Audio Tapes

Grey Tuesday
Topic: Arts 8:25 pm EST, Feb 24, 2004

Tuesday, February 24 will be a day of coordinated civil disobedience: websites will post Danger Mouse's Grey Album on their site for 24 hours in protest of EMI's attempts to censor this work.


Grey Tuesday

Topic: Miscellaneous 11:34 pm EST, Feb 15, 2004

Ok I just wanted to say that this kicks ass!!! I totally recommend seeing this at least once, it was very well played out :)


Barbie and Ken 'Split'
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:35 pm EST, Feb 13, 2004

Sigh and right before valentine's day, how sad :(

Barbie and Ken 'Split'

George Bush is vulnerable?
Topic: Current Events 11:15 pm EST, Feb 10, 2004

You have to read down the page a little, get past the duck story, which in itself was not too bad.....

It was last night's reading of Dave Roger's most recent post discussing Joe Trippi's appearance yesterday at the Digital Democracy Teach-In that insired me to write today. Trippi had said, There's a reason Bush is vulnerable today. It's because of the blogs.. As Dave writes:

One gathers Mr. Trippi and others like him would have us believe that somehow weblogs have made President Bush vulnerable. Apparently it's not because of the loss of 2.2 million jobs during his term. It's not because of Dr. David Kay's revelations regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It's not because of a half-trillion dollar deficit.

George Bush is vulnerable?

I have now officially seen it all
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:52 pm EST, Feb  8, 2004

These people have way toooooo much time on their hands !
sigh.... I thought the south was weird

I have now officially seen it all

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