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Current Topic: Technology

Hypertext Mail Protocol (a.k.a. Stub Email): A Proposal
Topic: Technology 3:43 pm EST, Feb 22, 2006

Back in the days of dial-up modems and transfer speeds measured in hundreds of bits per second, unwanted email messages were actually felt as a significant dent in our personal pocketbooks. As increases in transfer speeds outpaced increases in spam traffic, the hundreds of unwanted emails we received per week became more of a nuisance than a serious financial threat. Today sophisticated spam filters offered by all major email providers keep us from seeing hundreds of unwanted emails on a daily basis, and relatively infrequently allow unwanted messages to reach our coveted Inboxes.

I'd have to think about this a bit but at least he proposes a migration path.

Hypertext Mail Protocol (a.k.a. Stub Email): A Proposal

Canon Technology -SED-
Topic: Technology 7:15 pm EST, Feb 19, 2006

Large flat-screen televisions for digital broadcasting are currently the focus of much attention. Heralded as the new generation of high-quality large flat-screen display, the SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display), jointly developed by Canon and Toshiba Corporation, is almost ready for practical application. Its greatest feature is the ability to produce vivid color images that surpass conventional types of display. Also, the SED delivers exceptional overall image quality—fast video-response performance, high contrast, high gradation levels—and low power consumption.

TVs based on this may ship by the end of 2006.

Canon Technology -SED-

IBM Unveils Cell-based Blades
Topic: Technology 4:25 pm EST, Feb  8, 2006

At a press conference in New York today, IBM® introduced a blade computing system based on the Cell Broadband Engine™ (Cell BE). The IBM branded Cell BE-based system is designed for businesses that need the dense computing power and unique capabilities of the Cell BE processor to tackle tasks involving graphic-intensive, numeric applications.

IBM Unveils Cell-based Blades

Microsoft offers up source code in EC dispute
Topic: Technology 1:31 pm EST, Jan 25, 2006

"The Windows source code is the ultimate documentation of Windows Server technologies. With this step our goal is to resolve all questions about the sufficiency of our technical documentation," Brad Smith, Microsoft general counsel, said in a statement.

The implementation is the only documentation Microsoft has, apparently.

Microsoft offers up source code in EC dispute

1 In 10 Now Use Mozilla's Firefox
Topic: Technology 3:27 pm EST, Jan  6, 2006

Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox browser finished the year with a flourish, a Web measurement firm said Wednesday, and came within half a point of the 10 percent market share that many analysts have set as the bar to long-term success against Microsoft's leading Internet Explorer.

1 In 10 Now Use Mozilla's Firefox

Robert Bosch GmbH - Systems and Products for Automobile Manufacturer
Topic: Technology 5:13 pm EST, Dec 21, 2005

Bosch's adaptive (radar) cruise control system.

Robert Bosch GmbH - Systems and Products for Automobile Manufacturer

RFC 4270: Attacks on Cryptographic Hashes in Internet Protocols
Topic: Technology 7:32 pm EST, Dec  5, 2005


Recent announcements of better-than-expected collision attacks in
popular hash algorithms have caused some people to question whether
common Internet protocols need to be changed, and if so, how. This
document summarizes the use of hashes in many protocols, discusses
how the collision attacks affect and do not affect the protocols,
shows how to thwart known attacks on digital certificates, and
discusses future directions for protocol designers.

RFC 4270: Attacks on Cryptographic Hashes in Internet Protocols

Xen 3.0 Released
Topic: Technology 3:02 pm EST, Dec  5, 2005

Xen 3.0.0 offers:

* Support for up to 32-way SMP guest operating systems
* Intel (Physical Addressing Extensions) PAE to support 32-bit servers with more than 4GB physical memory
* x86/64 support (Intel EM64T, AMD Opteron)
* Intel VT-x support to enable the running of unmodified guest operating systems (Windows XP/2003, Legacy Linux)
* Enhanced control tools
* Improved ACPI support
* AGP/DRM graphics

Xen 3.0 features greatly enhanced hardware support, configuration flexibility, usability and a larger complement of supported operating systems. This latest release takes Xen a step closer to being the definitive open source solution for virtualization.

The VT support is huge -- on a new enough CPU, you can run unmodified Windows/... in a Xen domain!

Xen 3.0 Released

CCCP:: Free Colocation For Individuals & Non-Profits!
Topic: Technology 6:22 pm EST, Nov 28, 2005

Welcome! We're a non-profit that is part of a global movement to provide free, unencumbered Internet services to non-commercial entities. We're wholly donation-based and are fervently free-speech. We've been in operation since 2001 and currently host over 130 not-for-profit servers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have "sister sites" opening all around the world, including in Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. We also would love to help you start a community colo project wherever you are.

CCCP:: Free Colocation For Individuals & Non-Profits!

The CueCat Is Back
Topic: Technology 2:14 pm EST, Nov 28, 2005

But few people used it, and the CueCat became the target of almost universal derision.

Now it's back -- in German mobile phones.

The German branch of Coca-Cola is promoting its CokeFridge portal by encouraging readers of teen magazines Yam!, Starflash and M�edchen, to take pictures of a special logo with their camera phones.

The CueCat Is Back

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