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Cool use for a webcam. . .saving lives
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:07 pm EST, Nov 18, 2005

If only there were an easy way to get emergency numbers for other countries easily.

Cool use for a webcam. . .saving lives

Barbara Bush on those lucky refugees
Topic: Current Events 7:36 pm EDT, Sep  9, 2005

"Somebody asked George H.W. Bush Monday about the criticism of his son's handling of Hurricane Katrina, and the former president said that the critics ought to tell it to his wife -- and that they ought to don a flak jacket before trying. But this morning, it's Barbara Bush herself who might want to think about some protective clothing, at least metaphorically speaking.

The former first lady toured the Astrodome Monday, and along the way she opined that many of the refugees from New Orleans were so poor to begin with that they ought to be pretty happy with their temporary digs in Houston. "What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas," Barbara Bush said in comments first aired on the public radio program "Marketplace" and reprinted by Editor & Publisher. "Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them."

In the midst of that last line, you can hear the former first lady chuckling."

There just aren't words, really, to say how tactless that was.

Barbara Bush on those lucky refugees

What women want. . .
Topic: Society 3:48 pm EDT, Aug  2, 2005

Not that I consider MSN an amazing journalistic resource, I was interested in this article. It addresses the decades-old question of whether women can have careers and families. Everyone likes to think that they can "have it all", but life clearly shows that we cannot. You can't eat anything you want AND have a perfect body. You can't party all the time AND get great grades You also can't have hugely successful (read high paying and prestigious) career AND raise your four children at home.

To me the question boils down to, what do you want? What do you value? What is most important to you? What are you willing to sacrifice aren't you willing to sacrifice?

I have many friends in denial about this. I know I am - I'm in law school, yet I can't imagine my kids being in daycare.

Now, maybe some will read this and scream "why can't men be the ones to stay at home?" I have no problem with that, just show me some men who are willing and some women who make enough to support a family in this inequitable society. Until then, it's a question for women to answer. What do we really want out of life?

What women want. . .

BBC News | Comet impact in pictures
Topic: Science 2:35 pm EDT, Jul  5, 2005

This was the moment Nasa's Deep Impact projectile blasted into Comet Tempel 1, more than 130 million km from Earth. The picture was taken by the probe's mothership.

BBC News | Comet impact in pictures

Justice O'Connor's resignation
Topic: Current Events 1:47 pm EDT, Jul  1, 2005

I'm a little saddened today at the news of O'Connor's resignation. I'm not sad because of the possibility of Roe being overturned. In fact, O'Connor is one of those truly moderate judges for whom almost every case seems to be a close call.

What I'm sad about is that there are no women on the "short list" of nominees. Women have made great stides in all careers, but something seems to be happening to women who go to law school. Women now out-number men in law school. But, women only make up 15% of the deans of law schools. Eighty-seven percent of partners in law firms are men. Women are much more likely than men to give up the practice of law entirely.

I hope that when I retire, hopefully close to the O'Connor's age, the Supreme Court, law firms and all professions will look more like the world does: Half men, half women.

Mexico not-so-P.C. stamp
Topic: Society 3:58 pm EDT, Jun 29, 2005

After making comments about Mexicans doing work that "not even blacks" want, Mexica has once again showng their P.C. side.

Mexico not-so-P.C. stamp

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