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MA State Police Loose Plastic Explosive


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MA State Police Loose Plastic Explosive
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:33 pm EDT, Sep  8, 2006

State police hid eight ounces of plastic explosives on the back bumper of a truck Wednesday night during a drill for bomb sniffing dogs at Logan International Airport.

Before the drill had been finished, however, a Massport employee drove off in the white pickup truck, unaware that a clump of the explosive Semtex had been slapped on the back. The employee only drove about 1.5 miles, according Lieutenant Sharon Costine, but it was far enough for clay-like explosive to fall.

State Police today were still searching for the Semtex, which they say can’t explode without an ignition device, Costine said.

"It isn't dangerous if you bump it or if you drop it," Costine said. "We are still looking for it."

The search today was confined along a non-residential section of Harborside Drive and remained active late this afternoon. Officials had retraced the route that the employee drove and were in the process of checking street sweeping machines, which had been cleaning roads in the area, Costine said.

The explosive was lost or stolen when State Police assigned to Massport's Troop F were conducting the K-9 training exercise in a secure parking area by the airport and Massport headquarters.

Freakin' Awesome.

MA State Police Loose Plastic Explosive

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