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44 - Obama blames 'human and systemic failures' in Detroit incident


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44 - Obama blames 'human and systemic failures' in Detroit incident
Topic: Security 6:24 pm EST, Dec 29, 2009

It seems, that while Obama has many skills, that understanding intelligence data is not one of them.

Obama makes public blanket statements regarding intelligence data, and doesn't know how to actually prepare an intelligence summary. He's never held a job in his "career", yet, he can stand and make wide, sweeping statements about how a terrorist who is willing to die for his cause, snuck explosives on board an aircraft.

If Obama thinks that blaming someone is going to make the problem go away, he's a bigger fool than anyone has pointed out to date.

How can you make it harder to sneak explosives on board an aircraft? Well, you could simply ban carry on luggage, and X-Ray everything. If you wanted to make air travel SAFER... but that's not the goal...

The general public isn't stupid, nor are the terrorists. If you want to die for your cause, you could simply ingest C4 (it is malleable), with a radio detonator. How is that going to be stopped? Full body X-Ray? It's only a matter of time before someone does exactly that.

Sorry, keeping everyone unarmed on board simply makes them sheep to the slaughter. Give everyone a Louisville Slugger or a stickball bat. If we lose a few aircraft, so be it... however, the terrorist are going to have to content with an aircraft full of angry bat wielding passengers who don't want to go see "Allah" and get their 26 virgins... (see Air marshal weapon details made public -

Anything else that is "accomplished" by this "preliminary review of airline security measures to be delivered to him by Thursday" is more taxpayer monies wasted on ineffective security measures that delay and aggravate the current travelling public.

However, the saddest part, is that I'm sure there are going to be some new "security measures" that strip away more of our constitutional freedoms... not that it is anything new...

44 - Obama blames 'human and systemic failures' in Detroit incident

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