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How can Illegal Immigration help our Homeless situation?


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How can Illegal Immigration help our Homeless situation?
Topic: Society 11:23 am EDT, Apr 10, 2006

Now, on IRC I have stumbled, quite by accident, onto an radically simple idea.

We can help solve our immigration problems and our homeless problem in an easy to employ, national strategy.

Send all the Homeless to Mexico.

This would be a simple solution. We could give our homeless people some food, say a week or two's worth, in surplus rucksacks, put them on greyhound busses, and ship them to mexico. The can then live in harmony with their surroundings, knowing that freezing nights, and rich people that don't give a damn, aren't in their future anymore.

They can then be a drain on the Mexican economy, much like their illegal immigrants are a drain on the US economy. This program would be a benefit to both the US and the Homeless. The homeless wouldn't have to endure any long lines for soup in the freezing cold in the winter, as there aren't lines for soup, nor is there freezing cold in Mexico... unless you go to the mountains. (hint, tell the homeless to stick to the beaches...) As well, if these ex-patriated homeless people wish to come back to the US, they learn the Mexican Presidents plan of illegally crossing the border and getting a JOB. Then, OMG, they have learned a few important things.

1. How to speak a 2nd language - immediate employment opportunity in the southern US
2. To have a work ethic. Something they couldn't learn while getting handouts in the streets of America.

I think it's high time that we fight our illegal immigration problem with (yes, I'm gonna say it), homeless illegal immigrants.

Please let me know what we should name this program...

Thanks for listening...

dc0de out...

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