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Grab a chair, sit down and listen to me ramble..

Decius and the Snorg Tee Girl look like twins
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:30 pm EDT, Jul 26, 2008

Can anyone but me see the resemblance? I mean, minus the boobs. :) I'm not on drugs and i haven't been drinking recently.

Google Maps Street View Removal is really easy!
Topic: Technology 6:08 pm EDT, Apr 21, 2008

I had a bet with a friend of mine that I could remove my Home's picture from Street View on Google Maps. Looks like he lost. lol I've detailed it on my blog, but decided to post the link here to see if anyone wants to do the same instead of suing them first. :)


Google Maps Street View Removal is really easy!

Why are T1 prices so ludicrous?
Topic: Computer Networking 4:36 pm EDT, Apr  4, 2008

I was just out and about searching for prices for t1's, FiOS and the like for a client of mine that's looking to move his data center but wants a cost effective bandwidth pipe. Currently he has a T1 circuit from AT&T in Hendersonville. While I understand that mainly you are paying the circuit cost just for having the ability to have a T1 and then you pay for the actual bandwidth on top of the circuit fee. His Monthly bill is $650 for a T1 (1.544mBit up and down). Now, correct me if i'm wrong but 1.544 mBit translates into 170kBps download and upload speeds. This seems slow by today's standards.

Ok, Fast forward, I got a quote on a FiOS line in New Hampshire. The sales rep stated that the bandwidth and circuit costs for a 30mBit up and down would run $233/month with 16 static IP's. Holy shit. Are you for real? Why does Comcast have to be such assholes and dominate the Tennessee area and won't let Verizon or AT&T setup shop here? To me that sounds like a monopoly, and if this is true, Comcast is operating in the state of Tennessee Illegally according to Federal standards. I thought Tennessee was part of the "Union". Ok, now I know that AT&T is not the best thing to roll through here but if AT&T wins their case against Comcast, that means that the door will be wide open for other technologies to roll through here. Just like it used to be (i.e. ISDN). I for one welcome the AT&T lawsuit and hope that they win against Comcast because this will mean that Comcast will have to be more competitive to keep up with a 30mBit pipe to a residential house.

Mac and Vista SP1 down, Linux still rocking
Topic: Computer Security 4:58 am EDT, Mar 31, 2008

A Computer Hacking challenge by CanSecWest was done and it looks like Linux has won. The Macbook Air was cracked by using an undisclosed exploit within safari web browser. Vista was cracked using Java exploit that maneuvers is way around Vista Security. Linux probably could have been defeated but the teams did not want to write the code it took to crack it.

Mac and Vista SP1 down, Linux still rocking

RE: Vundo/VirtuMonde removal tool
Topic: Computer Security 12:08 pm EST, Jan 15, 2008

Welp, I've done a LOT of research on this. Stripping the hook out of LSASS really does the trick more than anything, but I have updated my Vundo fix page as well. Only thing about your last reply on this is that Safe Mode does not work. The file is still considered a "Windows Safe File" and will still get used by LSASS even in safe mode. BleepingComputer's fix is not necessarily the right way to go. I have used the most recent version of their fix and this trojan still laid dormant. This prompted me to write my Vundo fix page because Bleeping's wasn't working for me and plus I really wanted to find out how this ticked.

but anyways, Wendy's laptop got hit with it a few days ago and the only caveat, which I have hence updated my page with, is that you MUST boot to a BartPE or ERD Commander (Ultimate Boot Disc) to delete the .DLL or .EXE and then in notepad, create the same filename as a text file and then make them Read Only. Also, it borked with her startup items like loading "googletalk .exe" (notice the space before the .exe) so I had to recreate a new account and copy her stuff over. Best fix i've seen for Vundo yet. Do me a favor and on the computer you fixed, check that Lsa reg entry and see if anything is there.

That was one of the problems I had with Bleeping's fix was that the damn thing laid dormant and you'd think you got rid of it only to find out later you were wrong. (happened to me a few times)

There was actually several ways Vundo gets on your computer. Java and Quicktime. Firefox does use the same java as IE and by default will allow Vundo to get in. Check to make sure Java is updated to Update 3. That will fix it.

Crap Cleaner is an Excellent tool for removing registry entries that are invalid or non-existant. Perhaps you should read my fix on Vundo a little better as I think you just skimmed through it.. :) Crap Cleaner does not get rid of viruses nor did I claim it to. Crap Cleaner is an excellent tool and should be on everyone's Windows PC, next to the Anti Virus of their choosing.

Bear in mind that the only thing that Wendy does on her laptop is check email, Craigslist and MySpace. Nothing else and it was a fresh reload of the OS as well. I checked her Java version before cleanup and it was Java build 1.6.0_02.

Here are some links in reference:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

As much as I want to blame Microsoft for this, it's not an IE Exploit that Vundo gets in. Not a Firefox exploit as well. Simply it's either Java or Quicktime that hasn't been updated. Very simple really.. :)

Also, about the RegEdit denied workaround in there. I think you are taking my page out of context and I really think you skimmed it. The question was posed to me by a reader and was wanting to get into Regedit. The link noted is a workaround by microsoft to allow the user to get into RegEdit. Of course you and I both know we can boot up to Ultimate Boot CD or whatever and work around this issue, but sometimes we're dealing with people that don't know too much about computers or have never seen a C64 boot screen.. :)

And my method on that page has been double checked, triple-checked. I use this method for every Vundo removal I run into. I have hence removed the Unlocker, because it's not needed, but it's still a very good tool. I have over the last 2 weeks simplified my methods and with wendy's Laptop just solidified it. As I stated before, I used Bleeping's programs and while they worked (or so I thought), it came back. My method is a sure-fire, multiple tested way to get rid of Vundo. next time you run into it again, try my method.

RE: Vundo/VirtuMonde removal tool

RE: Vundo/VirtuMonde removal tool
Topic: Computer Security 2:35 pm EST, Dec 26, 2007

Just added this up today, it's been on my skull the last few months and just decided to put it up. Bleeping computers removal is not as effective so I had to go old school on this one...

RE: Vundo/VirtuMonde removal tool

CNN has an i-Report on the Commodore 64
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:19 am EDT, Oct 26, 2007

Check this out, CNN is doing an i-Report on people that used Commodore 64's back in the day.

CNN has an i-Report on the Commodore 64

Mystery Science Theater 3000
Topic: Local Information 10:54 pm EDT, Oct 25, 2007

If anyone ever enjoyed this show but are not keen on the idea of downloading them, let me know. I have just about every episode of MST3k. It's about 135gb worth of AVI's and they are in decent shape. My next big project on this one is to convert every single one to the same exact format, because the original encoders used different settings for each one so not every one of them will play in a standalone DivX player. So if you want some MST3k, let me know, I live in South Nashville and bring over a 160gb external, i'll be more than happy to copy my collection to ya.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

A Guide to Fuck Buddies
Topic: Recreation 10:22 pm EDT, Oct 25, 2007

Was browsing around and saw this.

The first rule of fuck buddies is you do not talk about fuck buddies.

The second rule of fuck buddies is you DO NOT talk about being fuck buddies.

Pretty interesting read and pretty much nails down the psychology of it all.

A Guide to Fuck Buddies

RE: The Digital Imprimatur
Topic: Society 1:10 am EST, Oct 30, 2003

Decius wrote:
] So we build something else... We build
] fidonet again if need be. It was effective.

Let's build Aquanet again... :)

RE: The Digital Imprimatur

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