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  War on Terrorism
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Sex: Male
Hometown: Mount Holly
School or Occupation: I/T Management
Atv, Freestyle walking, RC Cars, Rally Cars, Paintball, Dining, Cooking, Gardening, DJing, BMX, Magic: The Gathering, Piano, Video editing, Synthesizers, Sequencers, Midi, Photography, Image Manipulation, Infosec, Media Production, Music Archiving, Ocarina

The Summer Set, The Bouncing Souls, Allister, The White Tie Affair, Adam Goren, Freezepop, Bad News Bears, MC Lars, Home Grown, Two Door Cinema Club, School Boy Humor, NOFX, Electric Valentine, Nightmare, The Title, Breathe Carolina, Fantasie Impromptu, Brand New, Show Me the Skyline, Descendents, Lo-Fi-Fnk, Nerf Herder, Call the Cops, The Minibosses, 8 Bit Weapon, The Bride Wore Black, My Chemical Romance, La Roux, Sabrepulse, Forever The Sickest Kids, Alexisonfire, Red Car Wire, Anamanaguchi, Swimming With Dolphins, Bowling For Soup, Pennywise, The Unicorns, mc chris, Analog Rebellion, Rediscover, Rappy Mcrapperson, Dead Milkmen, Foo Fighters, The Medic Droid, Bit Shifter, MGMT, Gym Class Heroes, Young and Divine, Crystal Castles, Nirvana, Boys Will Be Boys, The Postal Service, Love Me Electric, The Advantage, The Circles, Select Start, Nice Guys Finish First, Sum 41, Mest, Millencolin, Manchester Orchestra, Bad Religion, The Killers, Official Blink-182, A Criminal Risk, General Midi, Cyndi Lauper, Kurt Donald Cobain, Brand New fanpage, Jem and the Holograms, Ladytron, Notorious B.I.G, Sublime, The Smashing Pumpkins

Gladiator, A.I., Terminator2, The Stand, Lord of the Flies, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Blade, Pay It Forward, Godsend, Gattica, Road to Perdition, WarGames, Constantine, Sneakers, The Butterfly Effect, Billy Madison, Contact, Bicentennial Man, Tron, Real Genius, Office Space, The Legend of Billie Jean, The Goonies, Gleaming the Cube, The Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix, Stargate, 50 first dates, Alien, The Beach, Star Wars, Half Baked, Interview With The Vampire, The Princess Bride, Back To the Future, Where the Wild Things Are, The Karate Kid, Truffle Shuffle, Next Friday, Back to the Future, Alien Triology, Last Action Hero, The Iron Giant, Friday After Next, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pleasantville, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hackers, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith, My Girl, Kiki's Delivery Service, Super Size Me Educationally Enhanced, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator, Gone in 60 seconds, Vanilla Sky, Starship Troopers, Hellraiser, Freaky Friday, Carrie, Gremlins, I, Robot, Ghost in the Shell, The Dark Crystal, Queen Of The Damned, The Sixth Sense, 12 Monkeys, White Chicks, The Wall, Blade Series, The Italian Job, Clerks, X-Files I Want to Believe, The Incredibles, The Shining, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Casino, the 5th element, Quentin Tarantino Movies, Saving Private Ryan, Stand By Me, Pan's Labyrinth, the lost boys, Full Metal Jacket, Donnie Darko, The Mummy, CRUEL INTENTIONS, Spirited Away, The Butterfly Effect 1-2, Fantastic Four, Wayne's World, GoodFellas, The Bourne Ultimatum, Jurassic Park, Official X-Men Trilogy, I Am Legend, Star Trek, Happy Gilmore (1996), Labyrinth, Ghostbusters, Chronicles of Narnia, Monsters, Inc., Thundercats, Home Alone, Fight Club

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