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From User: Hijexx

The Web for Beginners
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:54 am EST, Dec 13, 2009

The web is a man with strange thumbs.

The Web for Beginners

On The Edge Of Blade Runner
Topic: Arts 4:57 pm EST, Mar  1, 2007

Verbage snatched from IMDB:

* * *

Just saw this on Film Four tonight (UK TV chanel)... very interesting, but 50 minutes isn't even near long enough if you've read Paul Sammon's excellent "Future Noir: the Making of Blade Runner". Interviews with everybody involved except Harrison Ford and Sean Young of course, who hated each other's guts during the making of the film. We even see Philip K. Dick before he died - what a paranoid bloke he was! And even, for the first time ever, a look at the deleted scene where Deckard visits Holden in hospital. If you look you'll see the set for that scene was from Alien.

It's amazing visiting the buildings Ridley Scott used to make his future vision of Los Angeles. In the daytime they look NOTHING like Scott's sets, particularly the Bradbury Building in L.A., used for the final battle... when you see the before and after shots it really brings home what a genius of visual style Scott is.

Most shocking is that whilst all of the people have obviously aged in the last 20 years, Joe Turkel (Eldon Tyrell) hasn't aged a day! Hmmmm...

For anyone that hasn't read Paul Sammon's book, you'll be amazed at the problems encountered making this film, a true up-hill struggle. But Blade Runner still remains one of the best American movies of all time.

Ridley Scott admits this is one of his best films, and millions of cult fans worldwide agree. A true original...

On The Edge Of Blade Runner

Terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists.
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:52 am EDT, Oct 29, 2004

Q: Is it possible to form a complete sentence from the word "Terrorists?"

A: Watch and see for yourself!


Terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists terrorists.

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