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Up washed a pearl
Topic: Local Information 12:13 am EDT, May 26, 2007

I want to talk about embracing honesty as the truest form of reality we have available to us.

Deception is a necessity in today's society. People need the comfort of secrecy. There are things that cannot be known by all, because all is unknowable and therefore untrustworthy except by faith. Our experiences with the many, as shared one to another, tell us this faith can be misplaced and abused, often. How can it extend to all?

If a thing exists as a behavior, among we the living who mimic instinctively, it will persist. This facet of our nature cannot be undone, but may be overcome at an individual level by conscious decision.

In order to decide one must be conscious. To express knowledge of a thing falls short of the thing, and it is the crux of miscommunication. It is all too common that this fact goes unknown, so that people interpret what is flawed as genuine, and act on it, giving rise to suffering in various forms, which is further misunderstood. The countless ripples hereof are seldom harmonic, but allow for the beauty which is the counter-wave that establishes a new balance, and in this case is the alleviation of suffering. But I digress.

Seldom is one person in possession of one constant frame of mind at all times. The mind arises from the body which resides in a world that exists in time, whose one constancy is the change of all things. Matter forever reinvents itself according to the whims of energy as described by the way things are. The possibility of self-determining entities to act in unforeseen ways is a constant. Previously non-existent behaviors emerge as the result of the synthesis between an entity's aggregate of past experience and the eventual encounter of new and strange. So it's no surprise that people misunderstand one another. Or that they choose to conceal that which is precious from this they distrust.

A thing that pleases is incorporated into the world of self, thereby falling under the domain of self-preservation. Threat is opposed. So how we define our world of self determines our capacity for honesty.

Realize, then, that in the house secure lies nothingness.

Here threaten the limitations of language, so bear with: 'Thing' implies a static state, always there when you need it, just the way you left it. Ours is a world in time. 'Thing' implies an entity discrete, but consider:

The various and sundry thing was once stardust.

Every, that became Any, was once All, born of None.

You are, then, a vessel, and whatsoever fills it is change.

Non-sequitur at times, yet beautifully crafted. Thanks, brother.

Up washed a pearl

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