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Topic: Miscellaneous 6:10 am EDT, Jun 29, 2011

Well it believes that only God has the knowledge of the end of time. Padi Boyd, an astronomer of NASA team, speaks first about the growth of the universe and says:
We observe all distant galaxies to be receding from us, and from this we conclude that the Universe is expanding uniformly. In fact, the current picture of the evolution of the cosmos is that since the birth of the Universe in the explosive Big Bang, the Universe has continued to expand.
God says in the Holy
"Indeed, We have built the heaven (the universe) with Might, and We are expanding it."
How could the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) know about the expansion of the universe, if it was not a revelation from God, the Al Mighty?
It is no doubt that Quran is primarily a divine book of guidance from the Creator to Jinn and Man to draw a life in such a way and worship Allah by leading a successful and leading life with full of rewards. But, in the field of Science and technology, the Quran planned to be a text book, and if not, then, why not? in addition, the study of this issue leads to some realities of the fact that the Quran is certainly the untouched word of God. Scientists like a universe to be flat paper book that might fold at the end of times.
As God says in the Chapter of Al Anbiya:
The Day when we will fold the heaven like the folding of a written sheet for the records. As We began the first creation, We will repeat it. [That is] a promise binding upon us. Indeed, We will do it. (104)
The End of Times is Quranic truth confirmed by scientific research.
The knowledge of science is based on experimental method and extrapolating a theory of the 'reality' and this is colored by the philosophical beliefs of the scientists who are postulating that theory. So many call science is a facts that explained by the scientist's beliefs and philosophy.
Well science and technology is concerned which means not to end, the Quran -which is the exact word of God, makes no direct effort at raising the level of man in it and that is a steady ongoing process. It merely encourages them to use it for good.

The Aim And Objective Of The Islamic Schools
Topic: Business 7:34 am EDT, May 27, 2011

One of the basic aims of Islamic schools is to promote Islamic education so the children can understand which is essential for intellectual, emotional and personality development. Without encouraging co-relation among Islamic school and home the education of children will suffer and hinder their academic development. There are many facts that, explain why majority of Muslim pupils have been leaving schools with low grades or without any qualification.
“The purpose of Islamic education is not to cram the pupil’s head with facts but to prepare them for a life of purity and sincerity. This total commitment to character-building based on the ideals of Islamic ethics is the highest goal of Islamic education”. (Al-Attas, 1979, p. 104)

Islamic school should be a motivating force in reforming the society, but this is not so easy task to accomplished and can be achieved by team-efforts of all those involved in management, school board, staff, principle, students and parents.
The role of teachers in Islamic school should be best and the characteristics of a ‘good Muslim teacher’ are:

•Be in love with children;
•Love for the profession of education;
•Psychological fitness and emotional balance;
•Neatness, cleanliness and good appearance;
•Expressiveness and good pronunciation;
•Intelligence and deep knowledge;
•Understanding students and their needs;
•Strong command on the subject;
•Broad and deep reading and knowledge;
•Punctuality and respect for time;
•Co-operation with the school system and policies;

Hopefully, if Allah (SWT) willing and help us, then we can, establish Islamic community. The manners, attitude, regulation, values and criteria are all derived from the Islamic school, and by achieving all these, the way of life of a Muslim became an example of all mankind.

The Aim And Objective Of The Islamic Schools

Strengthen Your Faith With Quran
Topic: Society 6:24 am EDT, May 27, 2011

Faith is what decides how better a Muslim is? Faith is what make Muslim, a Momin. Faith is what makes a normal Muslim, a saint. Your faith decides what you are and what you will be tomorrow (in your eternal life). increase your faith now by taking few simple steps with!

Strengthen Your Faith With Quran

Muslim Marriage: Symbol Of Islam And Love
Topic: Business 6:50 am EDT, May 24, 2011

Muslim marriage is a moral binding contract between Muslim man and women or we can define it more preciously as it is a sacred institution of faith. When we used to do Quran Recitation daily then we come to know that Muslim marriages are performed according to the rules and regulations of Islamic sharia. In Islamic marriages mostly parents have the duty to make the final decision.
The marriage proposal is made by both sides but usually it comes from the girl’s parents. Once both parties agree on that decision then the engagement ceremony is made which further comes toward marriage. The consent of bride and groom is very much important in Islamic marriage. For this purpose a priest used to ask both parties and both bride and groom sing the marriage proposal. There is also the need of witness so 3 witnesses are required from both sides. After signing the marriage contract, sweets and dates distribution stats with grand feast.
In Muslim marriages, the Dowry or (Mahr) is offered by groom to bride at the time of marriage or may be after some days. It is just for the safe guard of women for certain incidents. It is the main duty of husband to take care of her spouse and support her in every good act. The major difference between Muslim marriage and non-Muslim marriage is the practice of Polygamy in which Muslim men are allowed to marry up to 4 women.
The purpose of this polygamy is not to create problems of conflict but the purpose of it should be to protect and support women who are widow or poor. Muslim women are not allowed to marry more than one man at time. Islam permits to marry a Jewish or Christian women but when she accept Islam.
Marriages are the building blocks of Islamic societies and Islam mentioned all the duties and rules regulation of husband and wife that we may come to know through Quran Recitation. Muslim marriages ultimately welcome the healthy growth of families that further preach about Islam.

Muslim Marriage: Symbol Of Islam And Love

Osama Is Dead – Peace Mission Needs A Fresh Start
Topic: Society 5:59 am EDT, May 20, 2011

World has been facing terrorism in its worst forms whether it’s World Trade Centre or killing innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Death of Osama Bin Laden who was thought to be the face of global terrorism is either a hope of peace or an ignition to a new wave of terrorism. Would the world become a peaceful heaven after him or more threats of furious terrorist attacks are there? Past is always lost, but lessons learned from past guide for a better future. This is the need of the hour.

Osama Is Dead – Peace Mission Needs A Fresh Start

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