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Islam and Free Speech


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Islam and Free Speech
Topic: Society 10:24 am EDT, Apr 28, 2008

"The serious problem of many Muslims"
Jamil Kazoun, 3/31/2008

So here we can see the true problem facing Islam in its current political incarnation and practice in Muslim countries. Islam is being used and abused by Muslim so-called extremists, by rules, and by outsiders. I am not interested in any theological debate about Islam and the merit of its values. What is clear to me is that anyone who discourages free speech, as a principal, is causing injury to himself, knowingly or most likely unknowingly.

Muslims and Christians can be equally cruel and unjust in characterizing the other side. The word Islam and Muslim has take a very negative connotation in many parts of the West. That can be very injurious to many. On the face of it, it seems to be out of ignorance. But the answer to such so-called hate speech is not oppression of free speech, but more free speech. You just have to tune out and not listen to bad or offensive speech, and tune your ears to intelligent speech. Freedom is when you can choose.

Islam and Free Speech

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