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Bosnian Pyramid Controversy Rises Again


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Bosnian Pyramid Controversy Rises Again
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:21 pm EST, Nov  5, 2008

I thought this issue had been put to rest, but Osmanagic keeps going...

Osmanagic is aware that such projects will by default come with controversy. He is very much familiar with the controversy surrounding the tomb of Tutankhamen and how Howard Carter, for several years, found nothing, until one day, he struck – literally – gold. Osmanagic feels that in the past three seasons of excavations, he has done much more and much better than Carter, and that with a little bit more time, the archaeologists will be able to find evidence that will sway even the fiercest of critics.

To provide an overview of the current state of research, between November 14 and November 22, Osmanagich is touring the UK. His tour starts in Bury St. Edmunds at the Stars and Stones Winter Forum on November 15 and will finish at the Histories & Mysteries Conference in Edinburgh, on November 22.

Bosnian Pyramid Controversy Rises Again

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