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Why I am addicted to World of Warcraft.


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Why I am addicted to World of Warcraft.
Topic: Games 8:23 pm EST, Jan  8, 2007

I am. I really am. That's the first step, right? It's odd being the person addicted to something; usually you just hear about it. But I am, true and real. Why? Because compared to reality, the other world provided by World of Warcraft (hereinafter refered to as 'WoW') rocks socks.

Would you prefer 'r0xx0r my b0xx0rz'?

Any-hoo, I am trying to wean myself off of this game but I'm finding it hard. I often wonder, actually, if anyone else has these problems or if I'm just a unique little snowfake (shut up).

Ok, you can talk now.

For those of you that do not play WoW then turn your heads for the next paragraph or else you will be assulted by foreign abbreviations.

I run MC at 8 sever time on a PST server. I live in FL. Jesus. This messes things up a bit for me. So I'm tired on weekends, at least I manage to stay off during the week. I used to run BWL and Naxx but then I left that guild. In any case, I'm a Druid on Shadowsong. NE and level 60. Full PvP blue set in addition to full t1 and random BWL epix and one(1) piece of t2.

Ok, you can look now.

Well, this is my first blog. Just see'n what's up around here.


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