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Students Suspended For Gang-Related Chanting....


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Students Suspended For Gang-Related Chanting....
Topic: Current Events 7:22 am EDT, Sep  6, 2007

Four Whites Creek High School students were suspended for chanting linked to gang rivalries.

The students reportedly chanted the letter "E," which is used as a form of disrespect among gang members.

Metro Schools officials said when the letter is chanted it often incites tension at area schools.

Ralph Thompson, MNPS assistant superintendent for student services, said the chant is a put down.

Metro police's gang unit isn't aware of the letter "E" being used by gangs, however a detective said they realize anything is possible.

"What typically happens is you can look for a fight to soon follow, not always on campus or premises, and sometimes it's delayed into the afternoon or the neighborhood," Thompson said.

School leaders said it's difficult to keep up with the ever-changing language of some gangs.

They said they rely on other students to keep them informed.

School official suspended the students for 10 days.

Apparently they were suspended for chanting the letter E. Apparently the local gangs have begun using the vowel as a slang "term" to insite violence...

I am not sure what is more ridiculous, the fact that they were suspended for chanting the letter E or that they are abusing the vowels. I had no clue you could abuse a letter... Is that a felony?

Students Suspended For Gang-Related Chanting....

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