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Interesting High-speed Video Clips
Topic: Science 11:41 pm EST, Nov 14, 2005

The video clips below were filmed with a special high-speed camera.
The super slow-motion playback lets you visualize effects
that cannot be seen with the naked eye or with a standard video camera.

Interesting High-speed Video Clips

Flying Objects!
Topic: Technology 11:40 pm EST, Nov 14, 2005

Once you've been in the MRI field for any length of time, you start hearing all of the various horror stories about things that have flown into a scanner. Often, newcomers don't take the real danger of flying objects seriously until they witness an oxygen tank or gurney flying into a magnet themselves. This page will contain a collection of pictures and stories of metalic projectiles.

Flying Objects!

.: :.
Topic: Technology 11:39 pm EST, Nov 14, 2005

Headphone amplifiers are standard equipment for the average music loving audiophile. The problem with this is that most quality headphone amplifiers capable of delivering enough juice to power your big bad Cans can become costly. So then comes along some genius named Chu Moy ( ). Chu created a monster quite some time ago by openly publishing his schematic and circuit diagrams for what became known as the "cMoy" amp. These cMoys spread like fire through the audiophile and audio-tweaker community and with good reason. Chu's creation is based on a simple OP AMP (operational amplifier, the actual chip that drives our creation), they need few other components (a few resistors, switches, pots and caps) and they run happily for a long time on a single 9V battery, not to mention that, assuming its put together correctly, they sound incredible.

.: :.

Loose blogs may blow up BCTs
Topic: Current Events 11:34 pm EST, Nov 14, 2005

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Nov. 10, 2005) – This is not your father’s war, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker tells troops in a videotaped message emphasizing proper Operations Security procedures and responsible use of the Internet.

The video is part of the Army’s comprehensive OPSEC Action Plan that has Mobile Training Teams visiting deploying units to teach how improper information and photographs posted on the Worldwide Web could endanger lives.

For instance, photos of combat operations and destroyed military equipment could provide the enemy with clues about U.S. vulnerabilities, said Maj. Michael Pate, the Army’s OPSEC officer at the Pentagon.

Loose blogs may blow up BCTs

Why Software Quality Matters
Topic: Technology 11:25 pm EST, Nov 14, 2005

As software spreads from computers to the engines of automobiles to robots in factories to X-ray machines in hospitals, defects are no longer a problem to be managed. They have to be predicted and excised. Otherwise, unanticipated uses will lead to unintended consequences. For proof, look no further than the cancer patients in Panama who died after being overdosed by a Cobalt-60 radiotherapy machine. Or ask the technicians who plugged data into the software that guided that machine, and are now charged with second-degree murder.

Why Software Quality Matters

An Investigation of Therac-25 Accidents - I
Topic: Technology 11:17 pm EST, Nov 14, 2005

Computers are increasingly being introduced into safety-critical systems and, as a consequence, have been involved in accidents. Some of the most widely cited software-related accidents in safety-critical systems involved a computerized radiation therapy machine called the Therac-25. Between June 1985 and January 1987, six known accidents involved massive overdoses by the Therac-25 -- with resultant deaths and serious injuries. They have been described as the worst series of radiation accidents in the 35-year history of medical accelerators.

When good ideas go bad... really bad....

An Investigation of Therac-25 Accidents - I

howard rheingold's | tools for thought
Topic: Technology 11:10 pm EST, Nov 14, 2005

Tools for Thought is an exercise in retrospective futurism; that is, I wrote it in the early 1980s, attempting to look at what the mid 1990s would be like. My odyssey started when I discovered Xerox PARC and Doug Engelbart and realized that all the journalists who had descended upon Silicon Valley were missing the real story. Yes, the tales of teenagers inventing new industries in their garages were good stories. But the idea of the personal computer did not spring full-blown from the mind of Steve Jobs. Indeed, the idea that people could use computers to amplify thought and communication, as tools for intellectual work and social activity, was not an invention of the mainstream computer industry nor orthodox computer science, nor even homebrew computerists. If it wasn't for people like J.C.R. Licklider, Doug Engelbart, Bob Taylor, Alan Kay, it wouldn't have happened. But their work was rooted in older, equally eccentric, equally visionary, work, so I went back to piece together how Boole and Babbage and Turing and von Neumann -- especially von Neumann - created the foundations that the later toolbuilders stood upon to create the future we live in today. You can't understand where mind-amplifying technology is going unless you understand where it came from.

howard rheingold's | tools for thought

Kimchi lacticacidbacteria called “Leuconostoc Kimchii” to be effective against bird flu.
Topic: Science 10:41 pm EST, Nov 14, 2005

Prof. Kang and his research team have tested the ability of the culture fluid of Leuconostoc Kimchii to inhibit the virus, known as bird flu, Newcastle disease and bronchitis, and the culture fluid has been shown distinctive treatment for the foul diseases. Prof. Kang's previous research has already proven the Leuconostoc Kimchii has anti-bacterial power, additionally the recent research has found the culture fluid of the Leuconostoc Kimchii to be effective in curing viral diseases.

The research team plans to distribute the Kimchii culture fluid to poultry farms across the nation under the permission of the National Veterinary Research & Quarantine Service after conducting further studies.

Link to SNU

and about six months later...

A local animal feed manufacturer shipped a feed additive that may be effective in treating bird flu to Indonesia last week amid growing international concern over the spread of the virus.

Hankooki Times Link

Hmm.. Can I have a Ruben with Kimchi please.... Yummm!

Centennial Park launches Wi-Fi Hotspot
Topic: Local Information 9:23 pm EST, Nov 14, 2005

Mayor Bill Purcell launched Centennial Parks’ free wireless internet access service or Wi-Fi. Centennial Park is the city’s first wireless internet park. Wi-Fi is also now available at 19 Metro library branches and is scheduled to be at the Downtown Library by the end of the year.

PDF ~ ViewStreaming Video

Outlets for plugs? Can we say "Game Day" in the park?

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