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What is MemeStreams?


MemeStreams is a new way to build communities out of weblogs.

MemeStreams helps people share information about what's worth reading on the web. At its heart is a web log. A web log is a tool that allows you to publish links to websites, articles, and other information out on the internet that you have found interesting. MemeStreams puts a button on your web browser toolbar that allows you to easily note useful links as you surf the web.

Web logs have proven to be powerful tools for discussing interesting content on the web, but with millions of web logs out there, in many ways they create the same problem they purport to solve. What are the interesting web logs? MemeStreams is a set of new tools for building communities out of web logs. We take all of the recommendations that our users are making and organize them in a number of ways that most web log systems don't offer:

A democratic view: On the main page you'll find the most popular recent articles on the net according to our users. There are no editors. Everyone's recommendations count equally. These recommendations are organized into different topics so that its easy to find the information you want.

A reputation agent: There can be no tyranny of the majority. As you use this website, MemeStreams takes note of web logs that you find interesting and recommendations that you agree with. The agent uses this information to produce a custom news selection for you which is made up of the most relevant recent articles according to the people on the site who you most often agree with. You can also create specific communities of interest that you would like to follow using the agent.

Threading: Web logs often consist of entries which reference and respond to other web logs, and so on. Unfortunately, these discussions are spread out on different sites and there is no index into them. MemeStreams can present a threaded view of all of the discussion that links back to a URL. This is particularly useful when surfing the web, as MemeStreams can offer you one-click access to all of the threaded discussion for any web based content that you happen to be reading.

Search engine: Search engines are designed to provide the most relevant results, but everyone has different ideas about what is relevant. MemeStreams allows you to see what different communities of interest think are the most relevant results for your search. You can also search a particular weblog, including your own. This is quite helpful when you want to revisit an article you're read in the past.

An inbox for links: You can use MemeStreams to forward a link directly to a friend who might find it interesting. If they are a MemeStreams user, you can send the link to them in MemeStreams. This reduces email inbox clutter by moving web site recommendations into the web.

MemeStreams is a community: People make recommendations, which the Agent then forwards to others, who then recommend them further... Recommendations flow through MemeStreams like rumors passing word of mouth through social circles. The difference is that MemeStreams remembers where those recommendations have been. While the Agent is capable of showing you recommendations that come from people you often agree with, it is also capable of showing you recommendations from people whom those people like to read, and so on. The result is that over time, simply by using this system, you will be drawn toward people who share your interests and views. Those people will simply appear in the Agent's recommendations!

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