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2003 Year in Graphs - Week #22

May 28 - Jun 3

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Week's 20 Most Active Threads
Posts Thread Memes
6Icon War tyree326, jessica, Dementia, cyantist, wilpig, Rattle.
5Cows With Guns Dementia, Laughing Boy, flynn23, jessica, wilpig.
5The Geek Test wilpig, Laughing Boy, Nanochick.
4 (Not Safe for Work!) Flash Video - 'I'm A Cow' Dementia, wilpig, Elonka.
4Funny Cat Videos phunktion, Laughing Boy, Elonka, wilpig.
4Wired News: Lamo Hacks Cingular Claims Site wilpig, cyantist, Dementia, Laughing Boy.
4Bugs, weeds, houseplants could join the war on terror crankymessiah, Nanochick, Dementia, Laughing Boy.
4Video-Game Killing Builds Visual Skills, Researchers Report crankymessiah, jessica, Rattle, Jeremy. UPDATE 2-Microsoft loses city of Munich deal to Linux Dementia, Laughing Boy, durgin, Rattle.
4Study: Playing video games not so mindless Laughing Boy, Dementia, crankymessiah, flynn23.
4New Functions for Cellphones digitalreporter, Decius, Laughing Boy, Dementia.
3Uplink - High tech computer crime and industrial espionage on the Internet of 2010 Rattle, Jello.
3DNS Stuff: DNS tools, WHOIS, tracert, ping, and other network tools. Romanpoet, Andy, Elonka.
3March 16, 2880 Massive asteroid impact on earth. Nanochick, Neoteric, jessica.
3UK: Headteacher Bans Young Pupils From Wearing Thongs jessica, Dementia, Laughing Boy. | Olympic park bombing suspect captured Dementia, Laughing Boy, Decius.
3Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will. Dementia, Rattle, Decius.
3Michigan might ban high-tech weapon; Bills would add e-bomb to state's criminal code Dementia, Rattle.
3the eighties tarot flynn23, Laughing Boy, Dementia.
3Utah Officials Look for Firing Squad Dementia, jessica, wilpig.

Week's Top Users
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14 GET BACK TO WORK! slacker.
Laughing Boy
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14 And why I have a picture of a burger on the wall.
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7 Elonka's Memestreams Page - "Subcultures R Us"
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6 Deletes Spam. Sips the tea substitute.Watches the gray light becoming more like day.
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5 Paranoid Defense Worker
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5 tyree326's MemeStream
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4 I'm amused aren't you?
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4 sudo bash
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2 Hey, Where da party at?
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2 If I had a weblog, this is what I'd call it
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