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2003 Year in Graphs - Week #23

Jun 4 - Jun 10

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Week's 20 Most Active Threads
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17RE: When Crypto Is Outlawed... jessica, Decius, jessica, jessica, Elonka, BridgetAG.
7Darth Fatty? flynn23, Dementia, Dolemite, Laughing Boy, jessica.
6'Anger' leads Metallica to the Internet Laughing Boy, crankymessiah, Laughing Boy, Dementia. | News | Law allowing motorcycles to run red lights effective July 1 wilpig, Laughing Boy, crankymessiah.
5Fux0ring 3133t Cruise Missile d00d3s Jello, crankymessiah, jessica, Dementia, Rattle.
5Inflatable Church wilpig, Laughing Boy, jessica, Dementia.
4Cheese can be as addictive as morphine wilpig, Laughing Boy, screen, Dementia.
4Martha Stewart indicted tyree326, Laughing Boy, Dementia, Nanochick.
3Climate changes making planet greener wilpig, Dementia, Laughing Boy.
3Willful Infringement Dementia, Rattle.
3Computer Mod wilpig, crankymessiah, Thrynn.
3Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Ashcroft Wants Broader Anti-Terror Powers Laughing Boy, Laughing Boy, Dementia.
2RE: Before The Matrix, There was Only Meat Nanochick.
2Salam Pax Is Real - How do I know Baghdad's famous blogger exists? He worked for me. By Peter Maass Laughing Boy, Dementia.
2BBC NEWS | Technology | File-swappers face the music bucy, Laughing Boy.
2Ex-Official: Evidence Distorted for War Laughing Boy, flynn23.
2Yahoo! News - Man Feeds Lobsters at Supermarket wilpig, Laughing Boy.
2In Gold Ink on a Chip, the World's Tiniest Book jessica, wilpig.
2The Smoking Gun: Sultaana Freeman Unmasked! Rattle. - Missing Sputnik may be for sale on eBay - Jun. 4, 2003 Laughing Boy, Dementia.

Week's Top Users
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11 GET BACK TO WORK! slacker.
Laughing Boy
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9 And why I have a picture of a burger on the wall.
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5 sudo bash
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5 If I had a weblog, this is what I'd call it
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4 Deletes Spam. Sips the tea substitute.Watches the gray light becoming more like day.
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3 I'm amused aren't you?
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3 I was resurrected on the wrong side of the bed
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2 tyree326's MemeStream
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2 Paranoid Defense Worker
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2 bananas are GOOD!
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