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2003 Year in Graphs - Week #44

Oct 29 - Nov 4

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Week's 20 Most Active Threads
Posts Thread Memes
6The End of the West? Rattle, Decius, Jeremy.
6Hackers on Atkins Dementia, bucy, wilpig, Dolemite.
5RE: The Digital Imprimatur DrArkaneX, Decius, lclough, Jello.
5Dean Is Criticized Over Remark on Confederate Flag ( inignoct.
4Ideas Unlimited, Built to Order inignoct, Jeremy, Decius, Jello.
4Trolls vs. Sysops... Jello, Possum, Decius, Rattle.
4wikipedia norfzorf, Decius, Trag, Rattle.
4Creative Loafing Atlanta | NEWS & VIEWS | THE TERROR OF A TEENAGER'S DIARY Decius, inignoct.
4The Most Powerful Diesel Engine in the World crankymessiah, flynn23, Jello, inignoct.
410/28/2003 Joint Committee Hearing Notes - Tennessee Digital Freedom Network crankymessiah, inignoct, Decius.
3MSN Dating & Personals - Loving your geek, tolerating his hobbies biochik007, Dementia, Dolemite.
3monotone: distributed version control Rattle, Rattle.
3Girls pummel man who exposed himself TheVoidAKABoB, inignoct, jessica.
3I've had better days... Rattle.
2Has Rumsfeld lost his Mojo? - The Times of India Decius, Jeremy.
2PHP Zork crankymessiah.
2Fast-moving Coronal Mass Ejection Decius, BridgetAG. - Growing use of private police network raises concerns Decius, Rattle.
2Wired News: DNA, Now in XXX-Large inignoct, Nanochick.
2WorkingForChange-This Modern World: Something Truly Terrifying inignoct, Decius.

Week's Top Users
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11 Deletes Spam. Sips the tea substitute.Watches the gray light becoming more like day.
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4 If I had a weblog, this is what I'd call it
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4 The place with the things, and the stuff...
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3 It's pimptastic!
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3 um, my weblog
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2 What questions are you asking yourself?
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2 Nanochick's Memestream
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2 Paranoid Defense Worker
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2 I'm amused aren't you?
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1 sudo bash
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