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Idea for a Bumper Sticker
Topic: Technology 1:19 pm EDT, May 22, 2009

Earlier on IRC today someone mentioned that they had bought some SQL Injection Bumper Stickers. This led me to the the idea for the following. I think I'll have to get some made up and hand out at PN.

My child is an '; update GradeBook set Grade=A where StudentID=423867;

Outerz0ne 4 Call for Papers!
Topic: Current Events 11:52 am EST, Jan 28, 2008

If you have a talk you'd like to do at Outerz0ne 4, feel free to email us at:
skydog (at)

Outerz0ne is now trying to stand up on its own two feet. Last year was the first year that there was an Outerz0ne without an Interz0ne to be protesting, and it was a pretty good success. This year there's a much better hotel in a much better location. SkyDog has a lot of passion in what he's doing with this and it shows. It would be great for as many people as possible to submit papers, reserve rooms and show up for the convention. It will be nice to once again have an regular Atlanta convention in the early part of the year.

Outerz0ne 4 Call for Papers!

Billboard Top 25 Hits Mashup
Topic: Miscellaneous 8:58 am EST, Jan  2, 2008

This is a mashup by DJ Earworm of the Top 25 Hits (according to Billboard Magazine) of 2007. Once again it shows that the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts, since much of the parts consisted of much suckage.


Billboard Top 25 Hits Mashup

Extremely Easy Apfelwein (German Hard Cider)
Topic: Home and Garden 9:05 am EDT, Oct 22, 2007

This took 1st Place at the 2007 Alamo City Cerveza Fest BJCP sanctioned competition for the Cider and Apple Wine Category and 2nd Place for Best of Show for Meads & Ciders!


5 Gallons 100% Apple Juice (No preservatives or additives) I use Tree Top Apple Juice
2 pounds of dextrose (corn sugar) in one pound bags
1 five gram packet of Montrachet Wine Yeast


5 Gallon Carboy (I use a Better Bottle)
Carboy Cap or Stopper with Airlock

This is the recipe that I used for the Apfelwein that I brought to pn0x0b this past weekend. It's also the same recipe that Skydog used for his batch (that got added in to my keg after it ran dry). It's about the easiest possible way to make tasty alcohol, and is approximately 8.5% alcohol by volume, so it will knock you on your keister with no problem.


Extremely Easy Apfelwein (German Hard Cider)

RE: TOM CRUISE IS NUTS, TINY - What Would Tyler Durden Do
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:16 am EDT, Sep 27, 2007

Decius wrote:

Star magazine, via Celebitchy, says that Tom Cruise is planning to build a ... wait for it ... wait for it ... a 10 million dollar underground bunker in Colorado to prepare for the arrival of Xenu, his alien god who is at the heart of scientology.

No, no, no, you've got it all wrong. Xenu isn't his alien god. Xenu is an evil Galactic Overlord. Scientology basically has no gods. Tom wants to make sure that Kate and Suri can survive a nuclear attack. But wait, isn't that what Xenu did last time? And yet the Thetans are still here among us...

RE: TOM CRUISE IS NUTS, TINY - What Would Tyler Durden Do

J.K. Rowling Hints At Harry Potter Date Rape
Topic: Miscellaneous 8:48 am EDT, Jun  5, 2007

Making good on her claim that the seventh and final book in the popular series will be the "darkest yet," author J.K. Rowling revealed today that a...

Oh, my. Muahahahahahahaha.

J.K. Rowling Hints At Harry Potter Date Rape

RE: 'Ban Harry Potter or face more school shootings' | the Daily Mail
Topic: Society 9:43 am EDT, May 30, 2007

That would not happen if students instead read the Bible, Mallory said.

She added that the books were harmful to children who are unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

Right, sticking your head in the sand is reality. Teach your children to read between the lines and to understand the difference between facts and ideas. Harry Potter may be using magical spells to accomplish his goals, but the idea within the message is akin to many in the Bible - selfless acts for the greater good, with the constant nemesis of those who embrace greed, prejudice and bigotry. I'm sure that's why all of the school shootings proliferate - because the shooters all believe that they are doing selfless acts against the greedy, prejudicial bigots.

RE: 'Ban Harry Potter or face more school shootings' | the Daily Mail

PhreakNIC Technology and Hacker Culture Convention
Topic: Local Information 4:20 pm EDT, May  2, 2007

PhreakNIC's dates for 2007 have been announced, plus we have an important message for you on the website!

PhreakNIC Technology and Hacker Culture Convention

RE: - Hoax Devices Creating Gridlock In Boston
Topic: Current Events 11:41 am EST, Feb  1, 2007

Decius wrote:
You simply cannot send people to prison because you didn't get a joke. Yelling %22fire%22 in a crowded theater involves an intent as well as an act. If you yell %22I want that man fired%22 and a bunch of people mishear you and freak out should you go to jail? These were not intended to be viewed as a threat, and they have been up all over the country for weeks without anyone thinking twice about it. The police need to be able to %22take every precaution%22 without simultaneously demanding heads in exchange for it.

Intent is not always required, which is why we have terms like 'criminal negligence,' or in plain speak, 'you were too stupid to think about the possible consequences of your actions.' Many of the arguments I've heard have been, 'It was a cartoon character!' Well, kind of. It was a bunch of LEDs with the wires visibly exposed and again, it was an inside joke limited to a small subset of the population. Sadly, if the 'artist' had done a better job of tidying up his cables so that it was just a lit box, this probably wouldn't have happened. Next time replace the WALK/DO NOT WALK masks in crossing lights with these things and there won't be as much of a stink.

Again, I only find fault with the guy placing them underneath interstate bridges in an effort to hide them, which is what brought the well deserved suspicion to the devices.


RE: - Hoax Devices Creating Gridlock In Boston

RE: - Hoax Devices Creating Gridlock In Boston
Topic: Current Events 8:56 am EST, Feb  1, 2007

Rattle wrote:
Heh.. It was a marketing campaign. Adult Swim paralyzed Boston. I don't care what anyone says, this is funny as hell. I mean, everyone know that having LEDs in the shape of a cartoon character is the perfect way to disguise an IED...

Actually, no, it's not that funny. Like it or not we do live in a time when people blow shit up for the purpose of garnering attention. I've seen one ATHF episode (which was one more than I ever care to) and couldn't tell you any of the characters beyond the fact that there's a box of fries with a beard. It's an inside joke that maybe 5% of the US population would get, but it's not really a joke because of how they were placed. It's one thing to put them on a wall or an awning, like some were done, but the ones on the bridges... I have no sympathy for the guy that got arrested for this. I'm all about freedom of expression and freedom of speech, but you have to understand the possible impact, like yelling %22fire!%22 in a crowded theater.


RE: - Hoax Devices Creating Gridlock In Boston

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