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Current Topic: Music

Songs Written for Nanochick?
Topic: Music 9:16 am EDT, Oct 17, 2005

Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms

This EP was written as a soundtrack to the September 2005 issue of Popular Science on The Future of the Body. They are available as a free download from the PopSci website.

I imagine this must be some secret admirer of nanochick, writing all these songs focused on biology 'n stuff. I actually found him through a link on boingboing about his folk song remix of Baby Got Back. Yeah, you gotta listen to that one, too.

Songs Written for Nanochick?

His body (of work) is a wonderland
Topic: Music 9:03 am EST, Oct 28, 2003

] John Mayer is the best thing to happen to vanilla sex
] since the missionary position. Much like the regularly
] maligned ice cream flavor, kinkless intercourse has
] always been tastier than advertised. So when the
] musically and sexually adventurous alike dismiss Mayer's
] Berklee-tutored guitar and Abercrombie-swaddled purr as
] aural Vicodin for soccer moms and timid schoolgirls, it
] only goes to show how limited a palette both kinds of
] fetishists have. In fact, Mayer's new "Heavier Things" is
] just the thing to heat your bathwater on those occasions
] when you don't want to get your freak on -- but you're
] still game for seeing where some heavy petting might
] lead.

I had to meme this because I know that nanochick is such a huge fan of John Mayer.

His body (of work) is a wonderland

Music Legend Johnny Cash Dies at 71
Topic: Music 6:47 am EDT, Sep 12, 2003

"Johnny died due to complications from diabetes, which resulted in respiratory failure," Cash's manager, Lou Robin, said in a statement issued by Baptist Hospital in Nashville.

Thursday was a crappy day, as John Ritter also passed away unexpectedly while working on his TV show.

One very interesting tidbit that was on NPR this morning, but I can't find references of on Google yet, is the statement that while in the Air Force, Johnny Cash was a codebreaker. This would make Johnny the Alpha-Geek, and most beloved, as the original codebreaking Man in Black.

Music Legend Johnny Cash Dies at 71

Salon Interview with Ani DiFranco
Topic: Music 9:23 am EDT, Jun 10, 2003

A good interview with a good musician, albeit one that is only admired by the dregs of society, like hackers! Lesbians! Lesbian hackers!

In "Serpentine" you say, "I've been around the world now/ and I can say this about America:/ The mind control is steep here/ the myopia is deep here." What do you mean by mind control in that song?

I'm not really that well traveled. I've just been a few places. I exaggerate. I form big opinions based upon small bits of knowledge. [Laughs.] One thing that is great about traveling so much is learning about where you come from. We all speak from our own perspectives, but I think the American tendency is to be very ethnocentric. I began to experience it as a kid growing up, learning history from the perspective of the elite ruling class. As I travel around, I've begun to realize that there's a way of looking at it where America is a pretty big evil empire that is trying to carry out an imperialist program in the world. And we're becoming very hated and we have very little awareness of it because we're so saturated with corporate propaganda. I keep trying to explain to people outside America, "No, we're not all evil. We're just ignorant."

At least she doesn't have to worry about the radio stations not playing her music because of this interview, since Clear Channel stations don't normally play her music at all...

Salon Interview with Ani DiFranco

Dark Side of the Moon turns 30
Topic: Music 5:37 pm EST, Mar 25, 2003

] For the 30th anniversary of one of the best-selling
] recordings of all time %u2014 a recording that spent 741
] weeks, or a total of 14 years, on Billboards Album
] Charts EMI/Capitol has produced a gift for its
] fans: Pink Floyds CDark Side of the Moon.
] It is being released today for the first time in full
] 5.1-channel surround sound.

Dark Side of the Moon turns 30

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