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Current Topic: Movies

50 Dark Movies in One Painting
Topic: Movies 9:48 am EDT, Oct  2, 2006

See if you can find all 50 "dark" movie references hidden in this one painting.

50 Dark Movies in One Painting

B-Movie Hall of Fame
Topic: Movies 10:31 am EDT, Sep  5, 2003

Dolemite makes the B movie hall of fame!

B-Movie Hall of Fame

Daredevil: If you loved Superman III, you'll like this movie
Topic: Movies 7:33 am EST, Feb 17, 2003

Unfortunately when I got to the end of Daredevil, I found myself making comparisons such as that. Oh, sure, it's got lots of butt kicking in it and the movie tells how Matt Murdoch became the Daredevil and, more importantly, Elektra's boyfriend, but in the end it was just another crappy performance by Ben Affleck. It was definitely better than "Batman and Robin," but then again, what isn't? Here are the main complaints that I, a comic fan-boy, have against the movie. You can decide for yourself if they're enough to turn you off.

1. Daredevil has a really cool sonar-like effect to replace his vision, but apparently it doesn't work on his hair. Every time you see the adult Matt Murdoch (the day job persona of Daredevil) he has this thing going on with his hair.

2. The "Elektra: Assassin" storyline originally took about 3 years (30 monthly issues or so) to tell but they crammed the whole thing into this movie. Along with Daredevil's origin. Yeah, it shows. Apparently they planned on only being able to make one movie.

3. The script was written by the same people who translate Japanese technical manuals into Engrish. Ok, maybe not, but they went to the same school.

4. Ben Affleck doesn't know how exclamation marks are supposed to change the inflection in your voice.

5. What was going on with Jennifer Garner's costumes? Cleavage is normally supposed to be a narrow gap, but if her breasts had been any further apart they'd have been on separate women.

So, as you can see, only 5 little things for me to bitch about upon first recollection.


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