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Outerz0ne 4 Call for Papers!
by Dolemite at 11:52 am EST, Jan 28, 2008

If you have a talk you'd like to do at Outerz0ne 4, feel free to email us at:
skydog (at)

Outerz0ne is now trying to stand up on its own two feet. Last year was the first year that there was an Outerz0ne without an Interz0ne to be protesting, and it was a pretty good success. This year there's a much better hotel in a much better location. SkyDog has a lot of passion in what he's doing with this and it shows. It would be great for as many people as possible to submit papers, reserve rooms and show up for the convention. It will be nice to once again have an regular Atlanta convention in the early part of the year.

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