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2004 Year in Graphs - Week #14 - Apr 1 to Apr 7

Kill Bill Volume 2 and the bored boy

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Week's 20 Most Active Threads
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7Idol' reject William Hung set to release debut album flynn23, IconoclasT.
7Bored Boy Behind President Gets Nationwide Attention Decius, k, elr, Jeremy, Laughing Boy, Nanochick, flynn23.
6RE: Kill Bill: Volume 2 Nanochick, Jeremy, Decius.
5RE: Plastic: Nader Calls Upon Bush To Leave Presidential Race Laughing Boy, k, terratogen.
5Fully functional replica of Kaneda's Bike (Akira) Akira, terratogen, Decius.
5The PUSSY SNORKEL - SNORKEL FACTS k, flynn23, brent_chivers, terratogen.
5RE: How not to drive a Lamborghini IconoclasT, flynn23, Decius.
5RE: 'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes' Hijexx.
4RE: Bush Agrees to Let Rice Testify Publicly Neoteric.
4Seen Tripping the Rift yet? IconoclasT.
4Putting 40,000 Readers, One by One, on a Cover ryan is the supernicety, Decius, k, Jeremy.
4Guitar virtuoso performs Super Mario Brothers theme flynn23, phunktion, ryan is the supernicety, k.
4HHS announces program to implant RFID tags in homeless IconoclasT.
3RE: ThinkGeek :: PC EZ-Bake Oven Nanochick, k.
3RE: *Fuzzies... Vibrator cozies biochik007.
3What did I get myself into? k, Rattle.
3Sun, Microsoft settle long-running disputes k, bucy.
3RE: 'Drive-by porn' bill taken up by House in TN w1ld.
3RE: Falluja Hijexx.
3Giant Subwoofer, not suitable for 'blingin'' phunktion, ryan is the supernicety, k.

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11 "Someone is writing down your mistakes. Someone's documenting your downfall." - KMFDM
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7 The place with the things, and the stuff...
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4 If I had a weblog, this is what I'd call it
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4 can i become the media but yet still hate it?
ryan is the supernicety
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3 What questions are you asking yourself?
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2 weebblaaaaaargggggg!!!!
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2 Brent Chivers' MemeStream
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1 Elonka's Memestreams Page - Subcultures R Us
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1 Nanochick's Memestream
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1 Spontaneous Sociability
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