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2004 Year in Graphs - Week #36 - Sep 2 to Sep 8

Whack the Iraq and Zell the charmer

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6'Wack the Iraq' game criticized jessica.
5RE: Fraud skullaria, adamist.
5RE: k, Neoteric.
4pentagon121.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) Hijexx, skullaria, Neoteric.
4RE: What do you want in your Christian Manga? Romanpoet.
4RE: Grass Grows 13-Foot Roots of 'Steel' k, Acidus.
3WIRED: Psychologist says he cracked Voynich? k, Romanpoet.
3Trust-No-Exe flynn23, Acidus.
3Ying xiong (2002) k, Neoteric.
3RE: Two muppets named top scientists IconoclasT, flynn23.
3Yahoo! News - Bush: OB-GYNs Kept from 'Practicing Their Love' adamist, Hijexx.
3Telegraph | News | Pentagon to check Kerry war record k, adamist.
3George W. Bush's missing year k, Dolemite.
2Government wants ID arguments secret flynn23, k.
2Bush says 'we will prevail' over terrorism; Kerry calls president unfit to lead k, adamist.
2Philly goes Wi-Fi crazy | The Register bucy, Rattle.
2Yahoo! News - New Group to Launch Anti-Kerry Ads adamist.
2RE: Googlism Acidus.
2MSNBC - GOP backs away from Miller's blast adamist, k.
2Mr. Bush and the Truth About Terror k, noteworthy.

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6 My Galaxy is Milky Way Adjacent
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2 Curiouser and Curiouser
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2 Bookmarkopolis
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2 IconoclasT has left the bldg.
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2 "Someone is writing down your mistakes. Someone's documenting your downfall." - KMFDM
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1 If I had a weblog, this is what I'd call it
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1 Post Haste
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1 The place with the things, and the stuff...
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1 d MEME v
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