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Mike Lynn Legal Defense Fund


Mike Lynn Legal Defense Fund

Please support Mike Lynn by contributing to his defense fund! Currently this fund exists in the form of sending funds directly to Mike via Paypal.

Mike Lynn's Paypal ID is "". A form to submit funds to this account can also be found at:

A dangerous culture regarding hardware based network devices as impervious to remote compromise has been allowed to exist. Mike has taken on enormous personal risk to do the right thing for the security research community by coming forward with his research and bringing this problem into focus.

If our whistleblowers are not protected, we will eventually find we have no whistles available to us to blow. This would be a disaster for both America and the globalized world.

If we are to protect our critical infrastructure, we too must be protected.

The most important thing we the security research community can do in regard to this event is support Mike Lynn, and encourage positive change to broken security culture wherever it exists.

Right now, by supporting Mike Lynn, you support the entire community.

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