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RE: How not to drive a Lamborghini


RE: How not to drive a Lamborghini
by flynn23 at 2:15 pm EDT, Apr 7, 2004

janelane wrote:
] Follow up: How not to drive a Ferrari
] Sept 3:
] "The car hit a wall at about 80 mph before the men were
] ejected from the vehicle."
] Oct 6:
] "Atlanta Thrashers forward Dan Snyder died Sunday night in an
] Atlanta hospital because of head trauma. Snyder was 25 years
] old."
] Oct 13:
] "Because Heatley wasn't drunk and Snyder's relatives say they
] forgive him, prosecutors may decide the car crash was
] just an accident, with no need to pursue felony charges and
] sentences ranging from three to 15 years."
] Isn't driving 45 miles over the speed limit enough to at least
] warrant a _look_ into suspending his license? And what if the
] next victim's family isn't so "forgiving" about losing a
] son/brother/grandson?
] There's a reason sports celebrities act like they can get away
] with's called precedence.

His license is suspended and he's under probation. What more do you want? We don't even prosecute repeat DUI offenders after they brutally run down pregnant women. There are such things as ACCIDENTS. It doesn't require people get sued or go to jail. It's exactly that mentality that's eroding the foundations of this society.

RE: How not to drive a Lamborghini

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